Extra, extra, hear all about it! The release training for Summer ’13 is now available. Now’s your chance to find out about all the new platform features in this release. The platform release training contains the new features specific to the Force.com Platform, or you can access all of the release training modules.

This training contains high-level information about what’s new in the release. It appears in a fancy UI that contains a module for each feature and lets you select which modules you want to watch. Watching all the platform modules will take you about 40 minutes.

The highlights include:

  • Setup UI – Watch a demo of how to enable it and see one-click access to Setup in action.
  • Apex – Learn about this grab bag of new Apex features including general availability of Chatter in Apex, test method changes, and limits consolidation.
  • Force.com Canvas – Now generally available, learn more about the feature and how you can use it to integrate your Web apps (written in any language) into Salesforce.
  • Developer Console – Get the scoop on a passel of UI enhancements that make the Developer Console more flexible and easier to use – new menu bar, code autocomplete, and other features that give you more real estate for working with code.
  • Formulas – Find out how to use owner lookup fields and checkbox formula fields.
  • Identity Management – See what’s new in identity management including the new login page, single sign-on updates, and new APIs.
  • Permission Sets – Learn what’s new in permission sets like how to use them to assign record types.
  • Sandbox Templates – Get more control over sandbox creation and enable reuse with new sandbox templates.
  • Schema Builder – See what’s new in the tool that lets you see your custom objects and relationships graphically.
  • Site.com – Get up to speed on new features such as the Site Administrator role, the ability to create reusable widgets, IP restrictions, availability in sandboxes, and support for communities.

These are just some of the many new platform features in this release. See the release notes for more info.

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