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With requisite apologies to Mr. Thorogood, the Big Apple DevZone is right around the corner.  We’ll be hosting a Dev Theater, an Intro Workshop and of course the ever popular Mini-Hacks.

Register for the June 14 NYC DevZone Today

The Intro Workshop is built around the Intro Workbook.  It’s a great hands-on tour of the Salesforce Platform designed for people who want to dive right in.  Each session is first come, first served, and lasts 45 minutes.  We even provide a laptop.

  • 8:30 — Create an App and Database
  • 11:40 — 100: Create an App and Database
  • 12:30 — 110: Customize a User Interface
  • 1:20 — 120: Add App Logic with Clicks not Code
  • 2:10 — 300: Code Custom App Logic
  • 3:00 — 330: Code a Custom User Interface
  • 3:50 — 475: API Integration with Apex and Heroku
The Developer Theater is a great way to learn more about some specialized subjects.  Each session is 30 minutes and takes you on a deep dive into a particular topic.
  • 8:15 — Ryan Upton, Salesforce Platform for Developers: Build your First App
  • 9:00 — Kevin Poorman ( MVP) Introducing NgForce – Advanced AngularJS Application Development on
  • 11:45 — Varadarajan “Raja” Rajaram, Introduction to Apex
  • 12:30 — Reid Carlberg, Introduction to Visualforce
  • 1:15 — Tom Gersic, Offline Mobile Apps with the Mobile SDK SmartStore
  • 2:00 — Reid Carlberg, 5 Enterprise Mobile Patterns You Need To Know
  • 2:45 — Ryan Daigle, Introduction to Heroku
  • 3:30 — Abe Pursell & Joe Gaska (Ionia), Heroku +, Building Innovative Cross Platform Apps
  • 4:15 — Dave Carroll, Introduction to Canvas

This is a great line up!  Be sure to register today and join us on June 14.  I look forward to seeing you there.

PS If you aren’t convinced yet, be sure to checkout pictures from London and Paris.  The DevZone is not to be missed!!

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