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Some highlights from our active Twitter community from the past week include developer certification, DE org love, and decimals. If you are on Twitter .. share your thoughts with us @forcedotcom. Also, if you see a tweet out there that should be showcased on our #tweetsoftheweek – pass it on to @laurengrau or @ktopenn.

@groques @laurengrau @pchittum Just passed the advanced developer @SalesforceCert mcq ! So happy ! Waiting for the programming assignment…

— Julien (@Gai0tt0) June 21, 2013

In my experience, most "Is it possible to…" @salesforce questions can be solved with a Developer Edition org and some documentation.

— David Schach (@dschach) June 21, 2013

Maintain those certifications, folks; Damocles was not just whistling dixie! (Summer exams are coming) #forcedotcom

— Duncan Stewart (@fduncan) June 20, 2013

You probably know already but: All decimals are equal, but some decimals are more equal than others #forcedotcom

— Simon Goodyear (@simongoodyear) June 19, 2013

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