Sign-up for a Private Code Consultation at the NYC Customer Company Tour Event June 14 | Salesforce Developers Blog

In this fast-paced crazy world we live in, is there anything better than in-person, 1:1 help? I think not. Sure, there are lots of remote assistance and distance learning tools out there. But really, having a living breathing person address your problems right then ‘n’ there is waaay better than scrolling back and forth on a video player or calling someone multiple time zones away.

That’s why we’re happy to report Code Consultations is back at the upcoming New York Customer Company Tour DevZone (June 14, Radio City Music Hall & Hilton Hotel). Our goal is to provide that “interpersonal touch” most of us look for in the conference experience. Sign-up for your own 30min private session with one of our experts. No issue is too big or small!

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