We are in the middle of a mobile renaissance. We check our phones on average 150 times a day leading to millions of micro moments of productivity wherever we are. This rise of the micro-moment,  the resurgence of JavaScript, and the expectation of beautifully designed, engaging apps, has changed what users expect from their mobile app experience. Enterprise developers need new tools to deliver these apps for their customers, employees, and partners.

Today, we are thrilled to announce new tools and features as part of the Salesforce Platform Mobile Services: Mobile Design Templates and a Mobile Gallery for building beautiful micro-moment apps, new Developer Mobile Packs for developers to choose how they connect to critical customer data, and the new SmartSync Data Framework to simplify the creation of offline mobile apps. These new services make it faster than ever to build enterprise mobile apps.

Mobile Design Templates & the Mobile Gallery

Engaging design is no longer a barrier to enterprise mobile app developers. Available today are more than 20 open source HTML5/CSS templates for the most common business micro-moments. These intuitive pre-designed templates are a snap to edit and connect with any customer data in Salesforce by using your favorite Mobile Pack.  Try the online sample app on your smart phone, or learn how to use the templates through the interactive site, and get started now.


Want more inspiration? Check out the gorgeous Mobile Gallery for dozens of sample mobile apps written on the Salesforce Platform. Many of these apps are open source with the code a single click away in GitHub. Fork it, and go!

Double The Choice With More Developer Mobile Packs

Today we are more than doubling the number of Mobile Packs available on the Salesforce Platform giving developers even more freedom to choose the tools and frameworks they need to build apps fast.

Knockout.js Mobile Pack

Developers love Knockout.js. With the ability to get started quickly and elegant approach to data binding, the Knockout.js Mobile Pack is ideal for building rapidly building great mobile apps.

Appery.io Mobile Pack

Appery.io lets business users create mobile apps with drag & drop ease. Now, with the Appery.io Mobile Pack, users can map UI components to Salesforce Platform Mobile Services, and customer data, right within the browser.

Sencha Touch Mobile Pack

Sencha Touch has over 50 components, themes, and a great MVC for building mobile apps. The new Sencha Mobile Packs lets developers bind UI components to data within Salesforce to create enterprise mobile apps for any device.

Xamarin Mobile Pack

Many enterprise developers use C# to build business apps. Xamarin, enables these developers to easily write iOS and Android mobile apps backed with Salesforce Platform Mobile Services using their existing skills for immediate productivity.

SmartSync Data Framework for online/offline Mobile Apps

Micro-moments are about productivity anywhere, at any time – even if you don’t have network connectivity. The new SmartSync Data Framework, part of the Mobile SDK 2.0 release, takes care of the heavy lifting of managing offline data and synchronizing that information when connectivity is restored. The lightweight JavaScript framework lets developers focus on delivering apps, not plumbing.


The mobile app renaissance has given rise to the micro-moment. With a more open, more productive platform, the Salesforce Platform lets developers supercharge their enterprise mobile app development and helps employees make every moment count.  Go ahead and get inspired by the Mobile Gallery, grab the templates and mobile packs from Github, create offline apps with the SmartSync Data Framework, and get started now!

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