Many organizations today already use or plan to use cloud computing to help address their business requirements. Why? Because modern cloud computing solutions just make sense when you compare them to traditional, time-consuming, and costly on-premises solutions. Among other things, cloud computing can help you reduce capital expenditures, minimize application deployment times, eliminate maintenance tasks, and refocus your IT staff on adding value to your core business.

The same is true for security in the cloud. Cloud providers have highly skilled security teams and economies of scale to invest in the latest security technologies. Cloud providers are also assessed by many different customers, have to comply with a broad range of security regulations, and are motivated to ensure customer security success since this is foundational to the cloud business. In many cases, the security resources that a cloud provider offer exceed those that organizations can afford independently.

Even with all of these compelling benefits of moving to the cloud, it’s important that you are confident that your cloud provider has the world-class security and privacy solutions that can adequately protect your data. So what does it take to trust a cloud? Like any other system, a cloud provider must protect your assets from internal and external threats, maintain the privacy of your data, remain available and reliable, and perform consistently. The cloud must also be transparent. Transparency builds trust, and customers need to retain the ability to maintain oversight into how clouds protect their data and who is accessing it.

A good cloud solution can be measured by the level of control you maintain over your assets. In addition to understanding your specific risk tolerance, data security, data privacy, and regulatory compliance requirements, you should carefully choose a service that can provide you with adequate controls for meeting your business requirements.

Learn All About Salesforce Security, Privacy, and Trust

A new paper on Developer Force, Protecting Your Data in the Cloud, explains why you should trust cloud solutions with your assets. First, you’ll learn about’s commitment to earning and maintaining your trust. Next, you’ll discover the core operational and functional security measures that the Salesforce Platform uses to protect your data. And finally, you’ll explore the built-in features of our services that you can draw on to build applications that satisfy even the most stringent security requirements.

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