Alert! Salesforce Event Notification Webinar on October 16 Event notification is a common component of business applications. Something happens, and someone (or something) gets a message, which then triggers some workflow. I’m sure that many of you reading this post recognize this development pattern.

Implementing an effective event notification system the right way can be tricky, especially when your development platform offers many different approaches to get the job done. The secret to getting things done correctly is understanding your requirements and matching those up with platform features that fit well.

Join us for a live webinar on October 16 and learn about your event notification options on the platform. This intermediate-level webinar will introduce a variety of requirements around event notification, and we’ll compare and contrast features you can use to meet those requirements. Topics include point-and-click approaches with Chatter, workflow rules, and scheduled reports, as well as programmatic solutions built on Visualforce and the Streaming API.

As always, our team of experts will be on hand to answer your questions. Sign up today, and we look forward to seeing you on October 16th.

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Steve Bobrowski is an Architect Evangelist within the Technical Enablement team of the Customer-Centric Engineering group. The team’s mission is to help customers understand how to implement technically sound Salesforce solutions. Check out all of the resources that this team maintains on the Architect Core Resources page of Developer Force.

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