Dreamforce 2013 is right around the corner, and I’m excited to say that you, dear reader, will have plenty of opportunity to dive as deep as you like into the Internet of Things.  In case you haven’t been paying attention, the Internet of Things is pushing an unprecedented wave of innovation straight at all of us.  Dreamforce 2013 is a great place for you to get your bearings on this new trend and to add critical new skills to your developer toolkit.

Whether you’re a hacker, a maker, a techno-fashionista, an enterprise developer
checking out a new set of skills or an executive looking for inspiration, we have something for you, so keep reading.  If you’d like to add something to this list, or maybe you have a question, contact me ASAP.

Introducing The Connected Device Lab

If you’re looking to get hands on with IOT technologies (and most developers should be), the Connected Device Lab is the place for you.  Located on the second floor of Moscone West, the Lab will be well stocked with structured workshops, open lab time and great equipment.  The lab is brand new for Dreamforce 2013!

Structured workshops currently include (links are to the Dreamforce org, registration required):

More workshops are on the horizon — stay tuned.

Open lab times will generally be the last couple of hours of every day, one exception is Wednesday morning.  We’ll have several experts on hand to help you get to know the equipment, and plenty of reference material to spark some ideas as well.

Lab equipment inventory includes:

We will also have a large number of fun Internet Of Things related products designed to spark some creativity in you.  These include LEGO Mindstorms EV3s (yes, Andy will be stopping by), SmartThings Starter Packs, Nest ThermostatsRoominate DIY Doll HousesNinja BlocksLeap Motion Controllers and Phillips Hue Starter Packs.

And if you want to have the most fun anyone can have with four bananas and a couple of alligator clips, be sure to come by and checkout the Makey Makey.  It will blow your mind.  Connect it to a Raspberry Pi and use it to control Salesforce and you’ll blow my mind.


Connected Device Lab Partners

The lab is made possible by a great group of partners, each of whom  will have additional learning opportunities at their tables.  Be sure to stop by!

Our partners include ARM, Xively, ThingWorx, Etherios, 2lemetry, Type A Machines, Axeda, Hybrid Designs, Libelium, Global Cache, Arduino, Grid Connect, All Traffic Solutions and IVM.

I’m not able to share everything these partners will be doing in detail, but there will be lots of fun stuff going on.  ARM will be showing off some creative uses of their mbed platform and helping people get started throughout the show. Libelium and Cooking Hacks will have a bunch of their eHealth sensors and Wasp Motes on hand.  Etherios will cover their Social Machine and talk about how they’re doing real time shuttle tracking during Dreamforce.

This is just scratching the surface — you absolutely must come by the Connected Device Lab in the DevZone (Moscone West, 2nd Floor) to get a feel for how deep this particular rabbit hole goes.

DevZone Internet of Things Sessions

There are also a number of great sessions in the DevZone that cover Internet of Things related topics.

Other Sessions Throughout Dreamforce

Dreamforce is home to a great emerging trends track this year, and many of the sessions are highly relevant to people interested in the Internet of Things.

Internet Of Things is BIG at Dreamforce 2013

Over 30 sessions. Great workshops. Dozens of experts. A well-equipped Connected Device Lab.

That’s the rundown of every Internet of Things thing at Dreamforce 2013 which I know about as of today.  As you can see, it’s going to be a great show, with lots to talk about in this emerging area.

There’s probably more, so keep your eyes open and drop me a note if you hear of anything I should add to my list.  It’s going to be a great show!

See you at Dreamforce!!

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