Salesforce Platform 1.3+ Billion Transactions A few months ago, I wrote a well-received post: How Much Data Can the Salesforce Platform Handle? You Might Be Surprised! The post and its related webinar, Extreme Salesforce Data Volumes, focused mostly on data volumes, and the sizes of databases powering large Salesforce implementations and custom applications. If you found that content interesting, have I got some good news for you….

I’d like share a recent High Scalability blog post, Salesforce Architecture – How They Handle 1.3 Billion Transactions A Day, which was written by one of my colleagues, Claude Johnson, the Lead Site Reliability Engineer at This post gives you great insight into the scalable infrastructure design that powers the Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Salesforce Platform.

The post starts with a gentle introduction to some Salesforce-specific terminology (e.g., “org,” “pod,” sandbox”), and then dives deep into the stack behind our platform, explaining our operating systems, server technology, networking, and more.

If you read this post, you’ll also learn how all of this technology comes together to accommodate login traffic, search, database access, and file management. In short, this post reveals some of the magic that makes up the Salesforce Platform architecture. Don’t miss it!

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Steve Bobrowski is an Architect Evangelist within the Technical Enablement team of the Customer-Centric Engineering group. The team’s mission is to help customers understand how to implement technically sound Salesforce solutions. Check out all of the resources that this team maintains on the Architect Core Resources page of Developer Force.

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