For those attending Dreamforce 2013 this week, come Monday you begin to understand that there is just too much goodness to attend everything. This includes the 300+ developer sessions, hackathon, workshops, consultations, connected devices lab, and more. Of course, we would love to keep Dreamforce going to make this happen, but alas we only have 4 days.  With that in mind, here are 4 luminary sessions for developers that will keep you inspired all week long.  Add to your Dreamforce agenda builder schedule today!

Teach the World To Code

Monday, 9:15 AM Community Theater
Pamela Fox, Khan Academy

We need more developers! Join us to hear why, and learn about the non-traditional ways that organizations like Coursera, Khan Academy, and Girl Develop It are creating more developers. If you’re a developer, you’ll see how easy it is to inspire someone else to love programming as much as you do. If you aren’t a developer, maybe you will be soon.

Software Is Eating the World, But Data Is Digesting It

Monday, 10:45 AM  Mobile Theater
James Governor, RedMonk

Join us to hear from RedMonk co-founder, James Governor, how software is something you do rather than something you are. Software is a by product of data and digital customer experiences rather than a goal in itself. You’ll learn what kind of platforms developers are going to need to keep pushing the envelope, what choices developers are making, and how we are going to develop apps that connect everything to everything, with people at the center of the graph.

Creating a New University
Tuesday, 4:00 pm,  Community Theater
Sebastian Thrun, Udacity

The University of the Future will be accessible. Learning will be fun, relevant, and affordable. Join a fascinating talk about the latest industry being disrupted by the Internet. Learn how Salesforce, in collaboration with Udacity, is creating new pathways for students, and new certificates that lead straight to employment in the tech industry. We’ll take you onto an exciting journey that begins with massive open online courses (MOOCs) that attract hundreds of thousands of students. You’ll hear the story of how a freak accident turned into a mainstream new university, and how new approaches to higher education will fundamentally transform society.

Developer Keynote: The Salesforce Platform
Wednesday, 10:30 AM Gateway Ballroom, Moscone Center South
Adam SeligmanJesper Joergensen,  Andrew Waite, Adam Bosworth

With more than one million developers worldwide, Salesforce Platform is the world’s leading enterprise cloud platform for building mobile and social apps. Join Adam Seligman, VP of Developer Relations, and the rest of the developer community to hear how any developer can build killer next gen apps with the latest platform innovations.

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