As you race towards the finish line of the Salesforce $1 Million Hackathon, we wanted to remind you of some of the powerful Salesforce Partner technologies you can leverage to extend your application in novel, exciting ways.

Take a look through this rich list of partner technologies for inspiration on how to take your app to the next level—collect signatures, integrate SMS, connect devices, and much more.

twilio logo Use standard web languages to build voice, VoIP and SMS applications via a web API.
Twilio Salesforce library – which was just recently updated to include MMS capability among other things
– Twilio IOS and Android SDKs for Twilio – these libraries can be used side by side with the Salesforce mobile SDKS
REST and other library APIs – you can easily use Twilio libraries in Ruby, Node, etc, and deploy to Heroku (part of the platform).
DocuSign logo Allow users to sign, send, or receive documents for signature directly from Salesforce. Documents can pull data directly from Salesforce. logo Easily integrate your mobile apps with the Salesforce Platform via the Mobile Pack & take advantage of Exadel’s cloud-based rapid development environment with integrated back-end services and a catalog of API plug-ins.
xively logo Harness the power of the Internet of Things via a Public Cloud to quickly and easily transform your connected product vision into market reality. Find open-source libraries and tutorials for Arduino, IMP, Raspberry Pi, and more.
Xamarin logo If your mobile app needs access to Salesforce customer data, the new Xamarin Salesforce component gives you an easy way to do it.  This component provides a fully-managed, cross-platform library written for C# developers to authenticate users and manipulate customer data on iOS and Android devices.
The Appcelerator Salesforce Mobile Pack Connector enables enterprises to access their Salesforce data through their Appcelerator-powered mobile applications.
Manipulate your app’s UI for any device via a drag, drop, & roll interface to build a killer user experience on the Salesforce Platform.
Need to brush up on your Salesforce Platform skills? $1 million hackers get a free one-month pass to Pluralsight, which includes access to 1,100+ developer and IT admin courses. That includes eight on Salesforce to give you just the skills you need to build that winning app.

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