Christmas is right around the corner, and soon we’ll be in the New Year, but it is just one short month since we wrapped up the best Dreamforce yet. I think we all have been spending time since then getting our heads around the new Salesforce1 mobile application and what that means for the platform going forward.

Since we tend to experience a bit of a lull during this two week period, I thought I’d post a list of Salesforce1 videos here for people to peruse and watch during those free moments between now and January.

The Intro

To get started, if you’ve not already seen or used the Salesforce1 mobile application, I’d suggest taking a look at this keynote excerpt from Andrew Waite, VP of Product management as

Essential Configuration

Working in the Salesforce1 platform has always meant learning the balance between configuration and code. I think this is even more essential now as the number of configurable features launched with Winter 14 and the Salesforce1 mobile app has grown, and if you listen to the True to the Core session, promises only to increase in the near future. For a quick but detailed overview of how you can configure new functionality in Salesforce1, check out the Mobilize Your Users with Salesforce1 session presented by Product Manager, Shannon Hale:

Salesforce1 and Visualforce

Shannon also presents a session with architect Richard Pack called Salesforce1 for Developers. In this session, Richard builds a Visualforce page to work in Salesforce1 and shows how to get Visualforce to talk to the Salesforce1 app.

Developer Evangelist Samantha Ready, also runs a session with Visualforce and Salesforce1 called Every Developer is a Mobile Developer. Samantha covers the mobile Visualforce use case, but also goes a bit further by showing how you can extend this model with canvas. This is a great session to watch if you plan to go through the Salesforce1 Developer Guide, as Samantha was a key contributor to the code of the solutions found in that book.

The Publisher

For a deep dive specifically on the Chatter publisher, and how that feature plays into Salesforce1, you can view the session Chatter Publisher Actions and Salesforce1 delivered by Steven Willcock and Carolina Ruiz.

The Big Picture

Scott Jaworski, Brian Dingman, and Daniel Miller have a session called Everyone is a Developer with In this instance, they are looking at the broader task of developing on the Salesforce1 platform, and then showing how the Salesforce1 mobile app functionality and development fit into that. So perhaps if you are newer to the platform, this could give a wider contextual view of development for you.

Application Boogie Fever

For a bit of fun and a groovie retro feel, you’ve got to check out these three cool cats Pat Patterson, Samantha Ready, and Ryan Upton showing how quickly you can build a mobile app using Salesforce1. You too will dig this cure for App Boogie Fever!

Under the UI Covers

Finally, if you’re like me, and enjoy learning how things work under the covers, take a look at the Introducing Aura session by Josh Kaplan and Doug Chasman. If you’re not familiar with Aura, this is’s open source UI framework that is being used to build new UI’s for our products, including Salesforce1.

So there you go, some great sessions and presentations to sink your teeth into Salesforce1. Watch them and all and get yourself prepped to build your first Salesforce1 mobile app in the New Year.

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