Luminix, a Salesforce partner with two listings on the AppExchange, has experienced rapid growth since listing its app Pulsar in July 2012. Luminix serves customers across a variety of industries, including companies such as ING (Financial Services), Univar (Chemicals), Molnlycke Healthcare (Medical Devices). There are five key elements to Luminix’s success:

1. Luminix focuses on mobile first

Luminix built its app Pulsar for mobile devices. It makes it easy to access Salesforce data on a mobile device, even offline.

CEO Geetha Vallabhaneni notes that many segments of the market are “still figuring out what [mobile] means to their organizations in terms of…data security.” Luminix created robust security measures for offline data in addition to Salesforce’s strong security.

2. Luminix is powered by the Salesforce Platform

Luminix chose to build on the Salesforce Platform because of, in Vallabhaneni’s words, “the huge potential of the Salesforce Platform and the ecosystem around it.”

“The challenge of building enterprise mobile apps is that the app must fit the needs of each company. We solved this problem by designing the app to configure itself by reading a package the admin would deploy. This made our lives so much easier,” said Vallabhaneni. “The other boon for us is that the packages include the License Management app [which] saved us time and money because we did not have to build it on our own.”

Finally, Luminix chose the Salesforce Platform because of the AppExchange. “It brings customers and partners together to create this awesome marketplace for great ideas and solutions. So, it was an easy decision for us to start with the Salesforce platform.”

3. Luminix teams up with Salesforce

Luminix enjoys its relationship with its partner team at Salesforce. “Salesforce is very friendly towards its partners…I find dealing with Salesforce’s partner team very easy. The company truly understands what it means to grow through partners. Success for the partner means success for Salesforce.”

Luminix knows that its partner team at Salesforce can help it win deals. “We work closely with our ISV rep and focus on a market segment where it is obvious they need our solution.” On the other side of the table, “We worked with Salesforce to win a few deals together when offline access has been a critical requirement for the deal.”

4. Luminix knows that Salesforce is “resource-full”

Luminix takes advantage of the learning opportunities through the Partner Portal and“I strongly recommend taking the App Academy classes. I have learned a lot from the Marketing and Sales Academy classes,” Vallabhaneni said.

Luminix gets expert advice and personal attention during Partner Office Hours, Security Review Office Hours and through its Account Executive. has also been a wonderful avenue for us. Our users recommended Pulsar to other Salesforce users who need offline access.” Luminix also took advantage of opportunities such as presenting along with Salesforce at Dreamforce and during Sales team meetings.

5. Luminix loves its users

Luminix loves its users and its users show their love through the AppExchange customer reviews. “ We made sure to focus on customer service. When you read our AppExchange reviews, this is very apparent. Because of the user traction via AppExchange, we were featured in the Newsletter twice and that brought us great, qualified leads. We closed some business that came our way through these highlights.”

Find Pulsar on the AppExchange:

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