Happy new year! Now that 2014 is officially here, its time to start preparing for the Spring ’14 release. There are some great features coming out this time around, and Dave Carroll and I will be highlighting said features this coming Wednesday in the Spring ’14 Developer Preview Webinar. We’ll have a packed hour with lots of great content, but the movie never covers the whole book–check out the release notes online to get more detail on what we cover, as well as lots of other features we don’t have time to highlight!

Some of the major release updates we’ll cover are:

  •  Force.com Canvas communicating with Visualforce
  • Analytics API updates including historical trending charts
  • Visualforce enhancements and the new Visualforce Remote Objects
  • Salesforce1 mobile new and existing features
  • Various API and Platform updates

This release we’re doing our webinar a little different…We will only be airing one live session, but the recording will be made available very soon after for anyone who can’t make it. We’ll also be answering questions both live and via twitter, so feel free to use the hashtag ‘#forcewebinar’ or tweet @forcedotcom to ask anything around Spring ’14.

EDIT: If you missed the webinar (or attended but still want to see the followup resources) you can find the resources for the recording and the slides here! Check it out, and sign up for your own Spring ’14 pre-release org if you want to get started before the official release goes live.

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