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The Streaming API is a great way to provide notifications to clients (such as mobile clients) about changes to your organization. By using push technology via CometD, you can send notifications securely, in a way that efficiently scales with your organization and doesn’t consume API calls.

We’re always updating and improving the Streaming API based on customer feedback. For Spring ’14, we’ve updated the limits, and improved the performance on polling for new notifications.

New Limits

The following table shows which Streaming API limits have been increased for Spring ’14.  Some limits depend on which Salesforce edition you are using.

Limit Increased to From Edition
Maximum number of topics per organization 100 50 Performance and Unlimited Edition
50 25 Enterprise Edition
40 20 All other editions
Maximum number of clients per topic 2,000 100 Performance and Unlimited Edition
1,000 20 Enterprise Edition
20 10 All other editions
Maximum number of concurrent clients across all
2,000 1,000 Performance and Unlimited Edition
1,000 500 Enterprise Edition
20 10 All other editions
Maximum number of events per day (unchanged in Performance, Unlimited Edition, and Enterprise Edition organizations) 50,000 10,000 Professional Edition
10,000 1,000 Developer Edition

Improved Performance for Polling Notifications

Salesforce now polls for new notifications for currently subscribed channels every second, instead of every 3 seconds.  This time may be affected by overall server load.

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For more details on Streaming API changes in Spring ’14, see the Spring ’14 Release Notes and the Streaming API Developer’s Guide.

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