It’s no secret the construction industry has struggled through the recent recession, and that’s why PWC’s innovative approach to helping USG, a building-products company, transform its business is particularly impressive. In fact, PWC was awarded the Partner Innovation Award in Sales at Dreamforce 2013 for the work they’ve done at USG.

In an effort to not only survive, but thrive during this economic downturn, USG partnered with PWC and developed a plan that leverages’s social and mobile cloud technologies to drive transformation across the organization.  To ensure the project’s success, USG made sure it’s decisions were driven by a clear vision supported by three guiding principles:

  1. It must be business driven
  2.  It must use modern technology
  3.  It must garner 100% adoption

By following this approach, PWC was able to guide USG through a transformation journey that led to amazing results:

  • Reduction in administration time by 50%
  • Job wins increased with more strategic planning and lead tracking
  • Increased customer loyalty and tightened customer integration

To learn more about USG’s complete transformation journey, watch the recording of their session from Dreamforce 2013.

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