I’ve been talking about Internet Of Things related topics (and more) over on ReidCarlberg.com, and I wanted to highlight a couple of the posts here.

Create A Case Using the Staples Easy Button – I hacked a Staples Easy Button so it creates a case when you press it.  Pretty fun project, and it raised a few new questions for me.  Includes full code, and works on a standard Developer Edition.

Control Philips Hue Lightbulbs Using Salesforce1 – I built a control panel for the popular RGB LED lights using Visualforce, a Connected App and the Streaming API. It displays nicely on the Salesforce1 mobile client and also lets you control these lights based on events, such as adding a lead.  Includes full Apex, Visualforce and Node.js code.

Read RSS Feeds Using XMLStreamReader – I’ve seen quite a few examples of parsing RSS feeds over the years, but haven’t seen one using the super fast XMLStreamReader class.  So I built one.  Includes all code.

Visualize Real Time Streaming Data in Visualforce and Salesforce1 – A customer asked me about displaying graphs of real time data in the Salesforce1 mobile container, which I hadn’t thought about before, so I took a look around and found the super cool Smoothie.js.  Yes, it includes all the code.

All of these are usable in a regular Developer Edition.  The RSS reader and Real Time Streaming Data app are installable via unmanaged packages, so you can use them quickly right out of the box.

Questions or comments, please let me know.  @ReidCarlberg

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