I t is pretty well known that at salesforce.com we love our events. In a year we host hundreds that range in size and audience, all connecting people live in a meaningful way. Whether it is an executive round table, a regional tour event, a fifteenth birthday party, or Dreamforce, we see and feel the value of face-to-face marketing.

We are big believers in the connections that events create between people and businesses. As we develop our marketing plans, we consider what is important to each audience and explore how to bring our brand and solutions out to ensure impact. Part of our vision for events is bringing our partners to the forefront, illustrating the diversity of our ecosystem and nurturing the growth of the industry by showcasing a variety of solutions and services for our customers and prospects – our community definitely shares our passion for face-to-face interactions and the business value they provide. Many of the conversations I have with our partner community occur in or around events and commonly include analysis of lead quantity and quality, return on sponsorship investments, pipeline development and deal movement, the importance of awareness, and the undeniable value of human connections in business.

There is no denying the passion that B2B Marketers have for the human connections that face-to-face marketing offers, and some recent industry analysis, which we have brought to life in the infographic included in this post, further emphasize why experiences are such an important part of the marketing mix. Events drive revenue, provide insightful data, and build connections that matter. Findings from MarketingProfs and eMarketer, as well as The 2013 ABM Value of B-to-B report, which you will see in this infographic, illustrate how event marketing continues to deliver. Please note this data is industry specific and does not represent salesforce.com results or findings.

The research shows that 76% of B2B Marketers found that event sponsorships generated leads and created awareness, both key factors for growing business. 70% of these Marketers also noted that attendance at in-person events is generally effective. The buzz that face-to-face experiences nurture caused B2B Marketers to attribute 46% of their revenue creation to events in 2013 as they generate leads, gather demographic details, and nurture in person connections that drive business forward.

As Marketers continue to refine their approaches, and the scope of events expand to include hybrid events, digital experiences, and ongoing communication via a variety of channels, the potential impact of experience marketing only increases. Expanding the event lifecycle allows Marketers to target the most valuable audiences for their businesses and utilize multiple means to engage targets pre-event, onsite, and post-event. Surveys, eLearning activities, gamification, content interaction, social outlet engagement, and mobile applications are just a few of the ways that face-to-face event hosts are innovating for impact and B2B Marketers are onboard.

What’s next? If you are a Salesforce user or are interested in further experiencing Salesforce keep an eye on www.salesforce.com/events for an event in your area or join us in San Francisco this October for our annual Dreamforce conference, details on www.dreamforce.com. If you are a salesforce.com Partner and are interested in sponsoring a salesforce.com event contact our Partner Marketing Team at partnersuccess@salesforce.com to discuss the opportunities that are available.

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