Last year’s Dreamforce event attracted over 100,000 registered attendees on one of the largest tech conferences in the industry as we introduced Salesforce1. As we prepare for this year’s event, we’ll be rolling out a series of new initiatives to build upon this Salesforce1 momentum and engage even more members from the growing Salesforce ecosystem.

Today we’re introducing the first such initiative: The Platform Partner Growth Program.  The new program is designed to recognize the platform growth created by the consulting partner community, and reward the leaders of sourced Salesforce1 annual contract value (“ACV”).

So how does it work?  Sourcing new business occurs when a consulting partner uncovers a new opportunity to develop a Salesforce1 solution and then engages the Salesforce team.  On the other hand, when indentifies the opportunity and brings in a consulting partner to do the work, has done the sourcing. The Platform Partner Growth Program will recognize consulting partners with the highest amounts of sourced value in projects, in Heroku projects, and those sourcing both technologies at scale.

Winners will receive:

  • An award presented at Dreamforce 2014
  • Promotion through Salesforce social media and blog
  • Invitation to meet Salesforce platform executives and to the Heroku developer briefing center
  • Recognition  in internal sales enablement materials created for 2015
  • High visibility to customers, our ecosystem and Salesforce field teams

Qualification Criteria (additional details at the end of the post)

There are three ways to win.  Participants will be evaluated by the following achievements made from February 1, 2014 – September 30, 2014 (the “Program Period”):

  • Highest Sourced ACV for
  • Highest Sourced ACV for Heroku
  • Sourcing opportunities for both technologies at scale: consulting partner(s) with >$1M in Sourced annual contract value (“ACV”) with >$500k, >$500k Heroku

Eligibility requirement: must be a consulting partner in good standing for the Program Period. No customer satisfaction issues during the period.

To participate in the program, make sure to register your leads in the Partner Portal for sourced credit.  Select and/or Heroku in the primary product interest and provide details in the project description field. For detailed instructions, refer to the Partner Lead Submission Process guide.

We’re here to help you to win! Get in touch with your partner manager to discuss client projects and our sales team is on-call to support your opportunities.

Criteria additional details:

  • Program runs from February 01 2014 at 12am PST through September 30 2014 11:59pm PST
  • Must be a consulting partner in good standing with for the full program period.
  • Sourced ACV measured in US dollars.
  • Sourced ACV for requires customer lead registration in the partner portal. Heroku will also accept opportunities where partner demonstrably led the sales cycle even if not in the portal.
  • Customer satisfaction means customer issues are resolved in a reasonable time frame.
  • Executive meeting has a limit of 10 partner participants. Partner is responsible for travel expenses to Dreamforce, to Salesforce and Heroku offices.
  • Winners will be notified by October 03 2014 via email.

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