As we put another DevOps conference in the books, we reflect back on an amazing Day 2. We kicked off the conference with a panel of DevOps practitioners:

We talked about the similarities they share with and also the differences.   All our panelists were at companies that had undergone a transformation or transformations over the course of their history much in the same way that SFDC is constantly evolving.   There were questions about deploys, and production access, compliance rules and security.   Our panelists certainly gave us a lot to think about in terms of new ways of approaching common problems, and in solving problems that were uniquely our own.

We then launched into some amazing Ignite talks covering areas like logging, dark launching code, A/B testing and instrumentation.   The presenters and the crowd really got the hang of the format from the previous days talks and it was great to absorb all the energy in the room.

The final part of the conference were the unconference sessions.  We had a few less sessions than normal, but as a result, the ones we held were very well attended.   One of the participants commented that the A/B testing unconference session probably had representatives from almost every functional discipline in the company and was standing room only!   We had topics on scalability, automation, security, and HBase as well.   Our panelist Jeremy Carroll also attended the HBase session since Pinterest is a heavy user of HBase as well.

We couldn’t have made this happen without the help of a tremendous number of people. As one of the organizers, I feel really lucky to get to come to work every day at my #dreamjob with such a talented group of individuals.

But the fun doesn’t stop here, we’re getting all geared up for next week’s Hack Day!  Another opportunity to make better for everyone.

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