The Devzone is coming up at the Salesforce1 Tour in Amsterdam 27/05 | Salesforce Developers Blog

We are very pleased to announce our first Developer Zone on May 27 during our Salesforce1 Tour in Amsterdam.


For those who had a chance to attend the Developer Zone at Dreamforce, we are bringing to Amsterdam the same developer experience. In this Devzone, you’ll get the chance to:

  • Get your FREE Technical books at our Developer Library

  • Learn how to build a mobile app in minutes with the Salesforce1 Quick Start

Don’t miss the opportunity to meet with many Salesforce experts who will be onsite ready to answer your questions or share their experiences in building social and mobile business apps. And as an added bonus, we’ll be giving away many books to let you enjoy some homework as follow-up to the event…

And because we can’t get enough, join us for a fun breakout session at 13:00 on building mobile web applications on the Salesforce1 Platform. We will demonstrate how to use HTML, CSS, Javascript and Visualforce to make awesome apps quickly. We’ll show you how to use Twitter Bootstrap for CSS, access and bind Salesforce data with Javascript, and optimize your App using server side controllers and Visualforce markup.

Personally, I look forward to seeing hundreds (if not, thousands) of Amsterdam developers in person. Amsterdam is a great tech city, and I want to see the great developer community we have there!  Don’t forget to register!

Code on!

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