Hot on the heels of the Spring ’14 release, the Summer ’14 release is just around the corner. As part of the next release, we are introducing a number of new features to Canvas that will enable your Canvas Apps to provide greater usefulness to your users.

For those of you who are not familiar with the feature, Canvas is a way to take your existing web application and surface it inside of With Canvas, developers can retool their legacy web apps, or write new apps that instantly tap into Salesforce regardless of what language they are written in, or where they reside. For example, a developer could write a Ruby or Java app, deploy it to Heroku, and have it pre-integrated with Salesforce. The Canvas framework includes the methods that allow your app to authenticate into salesforce, get the context about the salesforce instance and user, and access the data layer…all through the browser.

On May 28th at 10:00am PDT (6:00pm BST | 10:30pm IST – Register at, please join us for a webinar around these new features:

  • Apex Canvas Lifecycle – Hook an Apex Class directly to your Canvas App which will allow you to generate custom parameters, add record specific information, override parts of the signed request, and create your own error handling
  • User Approved Canvas Apps – No longer are admins forced to select Profiles and Perm Sets for users to use Canvas Apps (though they still can if they choose). Now you can use the Signed Request Authentication Method with User Approved app setting
  • Record information in the Signed Request – Now, you can automatically include record information that is generated based on where the canvas app is being displayed. See how you can make your apps even moreperformant with this new feature
  • Canvas Apps in Page Layouts and Mobile Cards – Tired of using Visualforce only to contain a Canvas App in your page layout? Now you can set a canvas app as a Page Layout or as a Mobile Card for Salesforce1, without using Visualforce
  • Canvas Apps in Salesforce1 Mobile Nav – Now you can embed and brand your Canvas Apps directly into the Mobile Nav list in Salesforce1
  • SAML Support for Canvas Apps – Full end-to-end support for your existing SAML apps with Canvas. Leverage the SAML settings and establish the Canvas connection in a single flow

Any of these above would be a great addition to the feature, but we are rolling all of them out in time for you to build awesome apps. During this webinar, learn how to empower your users and apps, and get an early peek at what will be out with the next release. Bring your coding shoes, and join us for a conversation with two of the Canvas Development Team; Chris Jolley – Principle Developer and Kari Hotchkiss – Senior Quality Engineer. We will be going through examples of how you can build these amazing apps, and empower you user base with Canvas.

See you there.

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