What if you could click a button and a slide-show or presentation automatically generated itself from your Force.com data, and present it from your laptop, phone, or tablet?

Well, you can.

RevealJS is a Javascript library for building rich beautiful presentations in pure HTML and CSS. It uses the latest features of web APIs.

Visualforce is extremely happy with HTML and CSS.

Combine those with the standard Force.com desktop browser UI or the Salesforce1 mobile application, and you’re there.

What could be easier?

In this series of videos I walk through two uses of RevealJS on the Force.com platform. The first is a static presentation, just to show getting RevealJS working on Force.com. The second is dynamic, completely driven by the data in the Force.com environment.

In a way this is old news as Daniel Peter tweeted about my repo last month.

And if you’re thinking you just saw something an awful lot like this, you may have seen my colleague Christophe Coenraets blog about his HTML5-based presentation library Keypoint1. Funnily enough, Christophe and I each were working on these in parallel. Great minds think alike!

The videos below are meant to be pretty self-contained. You can either watch each one individually, or you can watch the entire playlist.

Reveal JS Presentations on the Salesforce Platform

Getting Started on Force.com for Web Developers

The Code: RevealJS on a Static Visualforce Page

More Code: Data Driven Dynamic Presentations with RevealJS on Force.com

You can take a look at all the code in this github repo.

There are a number of items I’d like to play with to take this a step further. Some I mention in my video like custom Visualforce components, custom controllers, and more advanced data visualization. Another that is intriguing is configurable branding so that an administrator could configure some settings and get coloring, font, etc. to produce corporate branding compliant presentations.

I look forward to hearing what you think.

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