Each week we will feature an AppExchange Partner to discuss their experience of building an app on the Salesforce1 Platform. This week, the spotlight is on KnowWho, a company that brings the highest quality government contact data available into the Salesforce Platform with their new app Congress KnowWho Ultimate. With this app, clients can leverage the power of Salesforce to work effectively with government in every branch, at every level. Development for the first KnowWho Salesforce application began in 2008 and now currently has four directories and several tools available on the Salesforce Platform. Each app was developed in conjunction with Salesforce MVP, Peter Churchill, of Bridge Farm Consulting and they continue to improve and expand offerings. Hundreds of organizations and thousands of government relations professionals rely on KnowWho to make them more effective when communicating and working with elected officials.

KnowWho learned about Salesforce1 at last year’s Dreamforce and moved forward with encouragement from their Account Executive – Christopher Noone. They had some competing development priorities when they decided to build the Salesforce1 mobile app and it was important that the process to launch the app be quick and relatively simple without taking focus off of other projects.  The tools that the Salesforce Platform created for Salesforce1 development made the decision to build the app an easy one. The team spent about a total of 12 hours to research, design, and build the app. Because they were able to use what they had already created on their existing apps, nothing had to be reinvented or started from scratch.

“Adopting the Salesforce 1 Platform was one of the easiest transitions we’ve ever made, again because it leverages the power of the Salesforce platform and builds on an already powerful toolset.”

Information at Your Fingertips  sf1screenshot3of3smaller_ymrhek

KnowWho users are always on the go, moving between their offices across the DC metro area to Capitol Hill and the White House. Having KnowWho’s products on a Salesforce1 mobile app means they have vital information at their fingertips. The app makes the process of finding people, and their offices, easier to do. Also, the information they gather in the app is added to the Salesforce database in real-time, so decision makers have an accurate view of the political landscape.

Click, Hold, Drop

Washington, D.C. isn’t always the fastest adopter of new technology and that means lots of people working on many different devices. The flexibility built into creating a Salesforce1 mobile app meant that one solution could be launched to cover all clients. And because the power and simplicity of the Salesforce1 Platform, KnowWho was able to get things going very quickly and deliver the app in a matter of days, without having to start from scratch with new technology or a new programming language for each operating system or device.

“Salesforce.com has always made developing custom solutions and apps on their platform easy.  They’ve done an excellent job of keeping tools simple while making them more powerful as time passes. With Salesforce1 mobile app, development is really as easy as click, hold, drop.”

More Information

KnowWho was extremely proud to be mentioned in the Salesforce1 World Tour keynote in Washington, DC.  They have had a chance to have their AppExchange listings modified to show the Salesforce1 capability and it has helped them to remain focused on continuing to work on improving the mobile design and functionality of their apps.

To download the app, visit: https://appexchange.salesforce.com/listingDetail?listingId=a0N30000001tHWDEA2
To find out how you can run your business from your phone visit: http://www.salesforce.com/mobile/sell/
For more information about KnowWho: https://www.knowwho.com/

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