Welcome to our first #sfwitwednesday blog post! What is #sfwitwednesday? Salesforce’s Women in Tech Wednesday roundup.

Here at salesforce.com, we’re passionate about finding ways to support and encourage more women in tech. Part of that is keeping a pulse on what’s happening in the industry as a whole. Every Wednesday, I will post the articles I’m reading that highlight the women in tech movement with the ultimate goal to inspire all of us to do more! Because at the end of the day, we should celebrate all WIT wins and we should all rally together where change still needs to happen.

How to Become a Coder at 35

“Don’t listen to anyone who says you’ll never be worth anything unless you started programming in junior high. The tech field is big, and there’s room for a lot of people.”

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How Small Words Make a Big Impact on Girls

“As part of their Inspire Her Mind campaign, Verizon rifts on this idea in a recent commercial about how words can have an effect on the way girls see themselves as makers, scientists, and engineers.”

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Tech Isn’t All Brogrammers, It’s Still Nerds Building New Things

“Are there some young guys who say stupid things and build silly companies,more than 200 of which end in ly? Sure.” That doesn’t mean they are all bros. They’re mostly just people doing the technical work. While the tech industry still needs to be more diverse, the idea that the ‘brogrammer’ is somehow the avatar of tech is just absurd.”

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The Most Important People Working in Robotics Today

Daniela Rus, Cynthia Breazeal and Melonee Wise are on the list of most important people working in robotics today.

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Why Computer Science Needs More Women

“Evidence supports the notion that diverse teams produce better products — A study of 200,000 IT patents found that ‘patents invented by mixed-gender teams are cited [by other inventors] more often than patents invented by female-only or male-only’ teams.” The authors suggest “that gender diversity leads to more innovative research and discovery.”

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Google Launches MadeWithCode to Get More Girls Interested in Tech

“Instead of simply focusing on the dropping numbers of girls studying CS, Google sought to figure out why they aren’t drawn to the subject in the first place. They came up with three main reasons. (1) Girls don’t perceive CS as interesting. (2) They believe CS is nerdy and only for socially challenged people. (3) They assume they won’t be good at it, or that it would be too difficult for them to understand.”

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Meet Elle’s Women in Tech

Elle Magazine rounds up 13 influential women in tech — great to see Recode founder Kara Swisher on the list!

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Return of the working women as companies hire former employees

“Google and Axis Bank are among a rising number of companies opening their doors via programs like ‘Re-connect’ and ‘gCareer’ to qualified female professionals who gave up their jobs for personal reasons and want to return to work, mainly because such women form a sizeable portion of the qualified workforce in India, hiring them can save time and cost for companies as they have proven talent and empirical data suggests that returning career women tend to be loyal to companies.”

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Square sponsors a Girl Geek Dinner on Wednesday, June 25 in San Francisco!

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What other Women in Tech news did you see this week? How do you feel about these articles? Post in your comments below!

Sukrutha BhadouriaAbout the blogger:  Sukrutha Bhadouria is a Sr Member of Technical Staff at salesforce.com, and the Managing Director of Bay Area Girl Geek Dinners. Follow Sukrutha on Twitter @sukruthasays and follow Salesforce WIT @salesforcewit to keep tabs on other great content and WIT events.

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