Each week we chat with an AppExchange Partner about their experience of building an app on the Salesforce1 Platform. This week, the spotlight is on GPS Dashboard, a company that was founded by serial entrepreneurs with the intent of developing an app that fully integrates location into Salesforce.


The founders of GPS Dashboard, Amin Mufti and John Lankes, have a great deal of experience in location technology and Location Based Services (LBS). They saw an opportunity to apply this knowledge and technology to Salesforce.

Their app, Check-In, simplifies field reps’ activities while they are out in the field. The Salesforce1 Mobile App on their mobile device checks them in when they arrive at an account. They complete a checklist (a simple call report, customized in log-a-call), and allows them to check out when the call is complete. The time, date, and verified location of the reps are added to the event along with the call details. The sales manager also benefits from the real-time field updates. They get direct visibility to the check-in time and location, along with a map displaying icons for the account, a verified location of the rep, and optionally, an update in the Chatter feed.

Quick and Simple Development

GPS Dashboard developed the Salesforce1 Mobile App Check-In capability a few days after the Salesforce1 release last year. Development was simple and only took a few man-hours. The app was built using programmatic development, VisualForce, and Apex. After building and testing the app, it now works on iOS and Android devices including smart phones, tablets, and mini tablets. The founding team includes a Force.com developer who worked with 3rd party Force.com certified developers.

Good for Everyone

GPS Dashboard is able to successfully market this app by leveraging the opportunities available through the AppExchange Partner Program. They sell to both existing and non-Salesforce customers by participating in the AppExchange Marketing Program (AMP), App of the Week program, working with AE’s and SE’s, and a number of salesforce.com consultants.

For more information, go to: http://www.gpsdashboard.com/

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