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Yesterday Salesforce Summer of Hacks kicked-off in New York’s trendy SoHo district. Code Breakers sometimes known as developers, Pixel Pushers some might call designers and Secret Weapons well you know, those with secret powers  from New Yo rk, Cincinnati, Jersey and even Finland showed up in force. Students, professionals, couples and even a high school teacher came to forge new relationships and hack Salesforce1 mobile apps.

The night began with the attendees in control where we gave them the floor to pitch their Salesforce1 mobile app ideas.

Once the dust settled we were left with 18 amazing ideas that people could hack on. Teams formed around their ideas and the hacking began with a frenzy.

On Saturday, most of the heavy coding and creating took place. We’re looking forward to seeing the great apps at tomorrows Demo / Judging ceremonies. Everyone is welcome to check out the cool Salesforce1 demos over great food, fun and free t-shirts.

If you missed out on hacking in NYC, we still have room for you at the LA Summer of Hacks, July 11-13 and London Summer of Hacks, July 25-27. Register now!

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