Welcome to this week’s edition of salesforce.com’s Women in Tech Wednesday roundup! #SFWITWednesday

This week we read articles with tips on finding software jobs, women helping Boston go green, how Star Wars influenced a modern day robot, an opportunity the US has to support women in tech leadership, effective leaders adopting female attributes, and how one woman’s mid-life crisis turned into a million dollar business! As always, we love to hear your thoughts on this content.

Tips for Finding Software Engineering Jobs

Tindie Head of Engineering, Julia Grace has created a list of “Tips For Finding Software Engineering Jobs” – updated from her 2012 talk at Hackbright Academy.

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Boston’s Parks Get Greener with High-Tech Solar-Powered Benches

“Dubbed “Soofas,” the solar-powered benches were created by three women—marketing specialist Sandra Richter, electrical engineer Nan Zhao, and designer Jutta Friedrichs—all of whom come from Germany, where solar energy is highly popular.”

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How “Star Wars” Influenced Jibo, The First Robot For Families

“Jibo creator Cynthia Breazeal explains why, despite not having a face, her newest creation is the most ‘human’ robot yet.”

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US Lags Europe In Women In Technology Leadership

“What European companies do have going for them, though, is generally greater acceptance of parents needing flexible schedules in order to meet family responsibilities. Men and women are both granted this understanding, and adopting a similar attitude here could affect US companies where women are hired straight out of college into entry-level positions, but then cannot rise within the company past a certain point if they choose to become mothers and primary caregivers for their children.”

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Forty Over 40

List of amazing women who are reinventing, and disrupting, and making an impact.

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Effective Leaders Are Adopting More Female Attributes

“The idea of a strong leader has always been equated to traits like confidence, control, and the avoidance of showing signs of weakness. But, according to a new study, that’s changing. And the most effective leaders, whether male or female, are adopting more traditionally female-centric qualities.”

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How To Turn A Mid-Life Crisis Into A Million-Dollar Business

Aihui Ong left her cushy job as a software engineer to backpack around the world. That led her to learn Ruby On Rails, after which she started building out a solution to scale an independent food business based on the problems her friends in the market brought to her attention.

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