Welcome to this week’s edition of salesforce.com’s Women in Tech Wednesday roundup! #SFWITWednesday

This week’s news ranged from tips on building a feminist workplace, bringing more women into the workplace, focusing on building a pipeline of role models,  how paid leave can fix the retention issue, and the ugly cloud of the ‘impostor syndrome’! At times, everyone feels like an imposter. It’s what you do with those feelings that counts.

Overcoming Impostor Syndrome

“Despite outstanding academic and professional accomplishments, women who experience the impostor phenomenon persist in believing that they are really not bright and have fooled anyone who thinks otherwise. Numerous achievements, which one might expect to provide ample objective evidence of superior intellectual functioning, do not appear to affect the impostor belief.”

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How To Build A Feminist Workplace

These companies adapt to the needs of women, so employees aren’t required to lean in too far.

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How The Tech Industry Can Attract More Female Employees

“A workforce without women is bad for women. Women will be left behind economically. Women will be shut out of some of the most influential positions in industry and government due to lack of relevant skills and experience. ”

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If We Really Want To Address The Problem Of Girls In Technology, We Have To Give Girls Better Role Models.

“Gangly Sister is a production company out to engage young girls (ages 8-12) through an animated series with relatable role models. The stars of the series, Purple and Nine, are multi-dimensional characters that interact with technology, tackle problems at home with innovative ideas, and care about what is going on in the world.”

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Paid Leave Encourages Female Employees to Stay

“It’s sort of a no-brainer to think about it: If you don’t have child care, you’re going to have fewer women in the labor force”

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What other Women in Tech news did you see this week? How do you feel about these articles? Post in your comments below!

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