Mission Critical Information Management (MCIM) powered by Fulcrum is a Salesforce1 Mobile App that is not your typical Independent Service Vendor (ISV). Our application empowers national or global enterprises with the ability to manage, evaluate, and report on critical infrastructure with the click (or tap) of a button.

The release of the Salesforce1 Platform allowed us to deliver an already invaluable application directly into the hands of users in the field. From Asset Monitoring (Equipment Rounds) to Preventative Maintenance Work Orders, the power of mobility for MCIM is massive.

  • Capture readings on critical infrastructure on the data room floor
  • Receive notifications on your mobile device on out of spec readings
  • View, execute, and close-out work orders
  • Attach notes, files, and pictures directly from your mobile device
  • Run, view and analyze fully customizable dashboard reports


What exactly do we do?

Simply put: Fulcrum delivers. With 47,000 apps being downloaded every minute of every day, how do we deliver success to our clients in a way that no one else can? We deliver unexpected insights through the unique combination of deep knowledge in data analysis and an emerging industry called: Mission Critical.

What does that mean? Through our application we help medium to large organizations effectively manage their ‘critical environment [everything from their base building components (like generators, critical air conditioners and power supplies) to and through the data center – including the applications served to external end clients and internal business units] in one centralized super connected system.

To put this into an easily digestible concept we take this…


(Uptime Availability Reports, Equipment Records, System Drawings, Contact Lists, Operational Assessments, Site Profiles, Maintenance Standards, Activity Matrices, House Keeping Rules, Lockdown Calendars, CFIR Policy & Guidelines, CF Incident Flow Charts & Call Out Processes, and Standards & Guidelines for Change Implementations)

And turn it into this…


A centralized living – breathing – ecosystem of reportable data with the click of a button from anywhere in the world.

From Dreamforce to Client Demo in 3-days

Don’t believe it? As an AppExchange Partner, the ability to develop on the Salesforce1 Platform and bring to market is without equal. While attending Dreamforce 2013, we learned about the Salesforce1 Mobile App release that Sunday and by the following Wednesday, (with some long nights developing) we demoed a complete MCIM Mobile Application to a top-5 credit card company.

So why is that important…

  • What was developed?: Mobile data center equipment performance monitoring capability using Salesforce1 in MCIM app
  • Total timeline?: 3 days total from concept to production-grade results
  • What did the process entail?: 3 rapid design/develop/test iterations
  • Who was involved?: 1 developer and 1 business analyst

So what?: Data center technicians can now document equipment performance conditions on the go via their existing mobile devices. Out-of-spec performance conditions automatically trigger corrective actions (e.g. dispatches a problem ticket work order) via MCIM workflow.

The coolest part about this story is the on-going value the MCIM mobile app continues to bring our clients! One quick example, we just deployed 30+ iPads within a top-5 bank who’s using MCIM across the globe to capture mobile facility readings, execute work orders and capture vendor evaluations – among other features. How can Salesforce1 empower your clients and enable your mission?!?

For more information on Fulcrum, please go to: http://www.fulcrumcollaborations.com/

To learn more about Salesforce1 Mobile Apps and the AppExchange, please go to: https://appexchange.salesforce.com/

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