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Mobile SDK 2.3 The Mobile SDK 2.3 is out! This release includes significant updates for developers creating hybrid applications.

Cordova Plugins for Core Salesforce Specific Features
Salesforce specific functionality for hybrid apps are now available as independent Cordova plugins. Developers can consume Salesforce OAuth2 Identity, SmartStore Secure Offline Database, and Push plugins in the very latest versions of Cordova independent of Mobile SDK releases.

Push Notifications for Hybrid Apps
Hybrid mobile apps can register for push services defined in the Connected App policies and react to incoming notifications using a slightly modified PushPlugin, designed specifically to work with notifications triggered through APIs.

Hybrid : Locally hosted Cordova JavaScript Plugins for Remote Apps
Cordova Plugin JavaScript files can now be served from the container for apps that have core functionality remotely hosted on Visualforce. This pattern makes it easier to upgrade to later version of the Mobile SDK and independently manage code on the client and server.

SmartStore Enhancements
SmartStore has new APIs to re-index existing soups and gather information about stored data.

Android Specific Updates

  • Reorganization of library projects within the repository.

iOS Specific Updates

  • 64bit support for native and hybrid apps

Node Package Libraries

Source Code on Github

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