Welcome to this week’s edition of salesforce.com’s Women in Tech Wednesday roundup! #SFWITWednesday

This week’s news included entrepreneur moms raising funding, career defining moments for six women in tech, why we need to change how games are developed, the importance of job requirements and our August Woman of the Month!

ActivityHero Raises $2.2M For Summer Camp Shopping Site

“Two tech industry moms, Shilpa Dalmia (an engineer) and Peggy Chang (a software developer) started ActivityHero because they wanted a better way to find activities for their own kids.  Calling itself a ‘Yelp for kids’ activities,’ the business helps find and book after-school activities and summer camps for kids.”

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6 Women In Tech Share Their Defining Career Moments

The moments in the careers of women at Airbnb, Pinterest, Facebook, and more that changed everything.

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Women Significantly Outnumber Teenage Boys In Gamer Demographics

“With the growing number of female gamers, will there be a change in the way we develop games given the customer? ”

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Job Requirements Are Mostly Fiction And You Should Ignore Them

“A commonly cited statistic is that women only apply for jobs when they feel 100% qualified —evidence of a confidence gap between the genders. But both men and women fall into the trap of taking job requirements too seriously.”

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Josie Gillan, Director, Quality Engineering at salesforce.com was nominated as Woman of the Month of August!

“Salesforce.com Woman of the Month shares her thoughts on women in tech: what’s going on, why it’s important and what we can all do to help transform the industry”

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What other Women in Technology news did you see this week? How do you feel about these articles? Post in your comments below!

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