Each week we chat with an AppExchange Partner about their experience of building an app on the Salesforce1 Platform. This week, the spotlight is on OpenAmplify, a big data Text Analysis company with a multi-patented Natural Language Processing (NLP) platform. They have developed a range of products and solutions that powerfully connect brands with the actionable part of the social conversation.

Huge Benefits, No Pain


Not surprisingly, OpenAmplify’s Salesforce1 Mobile App, TRIBES, development aligns with the Salesforce spirit of “it doesn’t have to be complicated.” The app analyses a customer’s conversations from Twitter and Facebook streams to identify comments that are customer service-related. These comments are then automatically created as Cases in salesforce.com. The customer is therefore immediately aware of which conversations require action.

Just as TRIBES protects the end user from the complexity and noise of conversation, for OpenAmplify’s tech team, Salesforce1 was an antidote to the old way of hard and expensive development cycles.  Why? Because TRIBES really doesn’t have a UI. The customer installs it in an org and turns it on, and that’s it. It extends the salesforce.com Case object with some extra data generated by OpenAmplify, using triggers against new conversation objects to control the queue of analyses.

Salesforce1 is so fully integrated with the salesforce.com object model that it brings the benefits of the app to the mobile user with no requirement to modify the app at all. Michael Petit, Co-Founder and CEO of OpenAmplify, said,

“With Salesforce1, we were not forced to dedicate resources to designing for mobile. The existence of a fully mobile-ready platform was a monster advantage to us as a developer. Mobile users need to see their urgent cases immediately and because of Salesforce1…it just happens. Huge benefits, no pain.”

OpenAmplify’s team along with Comity, a Salesforce development expert, designed the TRIBES app. It’s written in Apex and calls out to the OpenAmplify text analysis API, receiving back information identifying which tweets and Facebook posts are customer service oriented, and then creates the appropriately extended case objects.

Simple, Smart, Affordable

For OpenAmplify as a Salesforce1 developer and for TRIBES customers, this was a matter of turning what’s noisy, complicated and scary into something simple, smart, affordable…and just works. The shortened development cycle and simplified application architecture also meant that TRIBES received its Salesforce1 Mobile Ready designation in no time flat. As a result, they are proud to have earned a coveted App of the Week spot.


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