Remember your old campus job working in the school library or computer lab? The pay was OK and you got a bit of real world experience, but it didn’t necessarily prepare you for life after school. You may have had a summer internship and it was fantastic, but it only lasted three months. Why not take the great experience you’d get from a summer internship, skip that campus job and come work (remote is fine!) for the most innovative company in the world filled with some of the best security technologists you’ll ever find.

The Women in TRUST group at is sponsoring two part-time security internships during the school year. Trust is’s #1 value, and there is no shortage of opportunities that align with our vision.

The internships are open to all qualified college students. is an equal opportunity employer and we’re committed to diversity. Security as an industry can be a tough one to get into, and we’d like to see all groups better represented. If you are interested in security and don’t know where to start, this internship could be a good opportunity to get hands on experience in the field and expand your skill set.

If you or someone you know is interested, check out the links to the security internship roles below. The positions can be remote and we’ll assign you an awesome mentor. So if you’re a technology major with an interest in security – apply now.  We’re looking to fill these internship roles for the fall semester, so forget about that campus job and don’t delay.

Product Security Intern –  Our Product Security team ensures the security of our products and serves as subject matter experts for our R&D teams and AppExchange partners to protect our customers’ data in today’s rapidly evolving security landscape. We are a team of curious minds that specialize in security research, penetration testing, and innovative tool development. Many computer science students have expressed a desire to pursue a career in Security and our Trust Internship program hopes to bridge the gap between academic study and hands-on training in a corporate environment. The overall goal is to inspire these students to continue in the field.

Trust Engagement Intern  – The Trust Engagement team is responsible for securing the human element of Salesforce. We are driving a security first mindset in our employees through gamification, positive incentives, security policy, internal communications, marketing, and training programs. We are looking for an intern to help drive these initiatives, especially as it applies to the Trust Academy- our security training platform.

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