Dreamforce + AngularJS

In a relatively short amount of time AngularJS has taken front end web development by storm. If you’re a Salesforce developer you might want to learn how you can take advantage of this widely adopted UI framework. If you’re an AngularJS developer the Salesforce1 platform is a ready made Enterprise Cloud platform either to run your AngularJS app, or to connect to via Salesforce1’s open APIs.

Either way, there is for all intents and purposes an AngularJS mini conference going on at Dreamforce this year. Because of the close relationship between Ionic and AngularJS, I’ve decided to include Ionic sessions in this session list.

Monday 13 October

Drive Powerful Customer Interactions with Heroku Connect 
9:00 AM Developer Theater
This session features AngularJS for web or hybrid mobile applications, additionally featuring Heroku Connect for syncing your Heroku Postgres database with Force.com.

Angular, Bootstrap, Salesforce: Oh My!
4:30 PM Mobile Theater
This partner-focused session highlights how independent application vendors are building AppExchange apps with AngularJS and Bootstrap.

Rapid Mobile Development with Salesforce1, Ionic, and Bootstrap-SF1
5:00 PM Moscone West room 2009
Learn how to combine Visualforce, Ionic, and the Bootstrap-SF1 theme for Twitter Bootstrap to create a seamless experience between the Salesforce1 mobile application and your custom Visualforce UI.

Building Visualforce Pages with AngularJS and JavaScript Remote Objects
5:15 PM Developer Theater
Remote Objects are a new feature for Visualforce. This is one of two sessions looking at a framework for integrating this new functionality into an AngularJS application on Force.com.

Tuesday 14 October

ngRemote: RemoteObjects and AngularJS Joining Forces
9:00 AM Innovation Theater
Another session focusing on Remote Objects and AngularJS, using a reusable Visualforce component architecture.

Building Salesforce1 Mobile Apps with Angular and Node
9:00 AM Developer Theater
If you were worried there was only AngularJS with Visualforce, here’s a session that might be more familiar to web developers focused on AngularJS with NodeJS on Heroku, accessing Salesforce’s open APIs.

Building Employee-facing Apps at salesforce.com
9:00 AM Moscone West room 2008
Yep, salesforce.com also has internal facing apps running AngularJS. Learn how the Enterprise Mobile App team inside of our IT department builds apps on AngularJS and Node.

Wednesday 15 October

Under the Hood of Desk.com: Using AngularJS to Build the Next-Gen Agent Console
1:00 PM Innovation Theater
Life the colors on the architecture of Desk.com and get a walk through of this AngularJS application, including techniques for large-scale code organisation, testing, and code samples.

Salesforce1 Events App on AngularJS in Two Weeks
4:15 PM Moscone West room 2007
A session for Salesforce developers who are new to AngularJS talking about this teams approach to building their app for Salesforce1, how it was structured, and the app lifecycle from design, to architecture, to config, to coding.

Building Engaging Consumer Apps with Ionic and Heroku Connect
4:15 PM Moscone West room 2006
“Nibs” is the state-of-the art mobile application that was featured at several Salesforce World Tour events this year. A detailed exploration of its architecture of AngularJS, Ionic, and Cordova at the client side; Node.js and Heroku Connect at the server-side.

Thursday 16 October

Building Rich Salesforce1 Mobile Applications with Ionic and AngularJS
12:30 PM Moscone West room 2009
And a final session featuring a walk through of building in Ionic, AngularJS, and Visualforce for the Salesforce1 mobile application.

AngularJS for Everyone

As you can see there will be more than enough for everyone who wants to partake in a bit of AngularJS this Dreamforce. And there will be times you will have to make the tough choice between one session or another. But don’t forget these sessions will be recorded. I’ll follow up after Dreamforce with a playlist of AngularJS sessions, so if you don’t make it to San Francisco for Dreamforce, you too will be able to benefit from these amazing sessions!

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