IoT Area in the DevZone Dreamforce 2014 was EPIC! There were so many fun moments in and around the DevZone from the IoT area with robots, hands-on labs, demos like the banana piano, and the connected basketball for self-correcting shots to the AdminZone with live podcasts, a photobooth, baristas, and admin focused demos. We had the million dollar hackathon, theaters (Mobile, Innovation, Developer, and Community Lounge), mini-hacks, quick starts, mini-workshops, a developer library, and a newly launched program in the breakout rooms called Hands-On Workshops for all different types of developers (HOWs).

In addition to all of DevZone activities and sessions, we ran set of live broadcast channels cycling different webisode content throughout Dreamforce. We had 7 developer webisodes sprinkled throughout the 4 days, and focused on what makes Dreamforce so great for developers: new products, innovation, community members, and platform. We had over 150,000 people from all over the world tune in live for the 7 developer webisodes! Check out the full Dreamforce channel to see all webisodes and keynotes, the Salesforce Developer Youtube Playlist for a full list of developer and platform content, or check out any of the 7 developer webisodes below!

DevZone Webisodes: Salesforce LIVE at Dreamforce

Diversity in Tech at DF14

Host: Mary Scotton, Guests: Ashara Ekundayo, Estella Pyfrom, and Kalimah Priforce

We celebrated Diversity in the DevZone this Dreamforce, and as part of that, we posed some questions: What does it really mean to have a diverse workforce? How can we grow the next generation of developers? Join us to hear from the thought leaders who are answering these questions with action, and see what you can do to make your workplace more inclusive.

Internet of Things and Wearables at DF14

Host: Reid Carlberg, Guests: Kyle Roche, Balaji Gopalan, and Amanda Lowe

Enterprises everywhere are discovering the powerful capabilities behind the Internet of Things and Wearable devices.  The DevZone is featuring some of the hottest companies and solutions in this space.  Join us for a look at some of these solutions, an exclusive look at the technology behind the 2 Point Hoops Challenge from 2lemetry, take a deep dive into the most powerful identity solution on the market today, the Nymi, and talk with Intel about their latest and greatest in this space, the Edison.

Develop Engaging Customer Apps with Heroku

Host: Samantha Ready, Guests: Paul Kopacki, Margaret Francis, and Matt Creager

Looking to create apps to connect with your customers? Join Heroku for a fireside chat to discuss how Heroku makes it easier and faster for companies to create amazing customer apps. We’ll demonstrate new features like the Heroku Button, Heroku Dashboard, Heroku Postgres DbX, and bridge the connection to your Salesforce data with Heroku Connect. Tune in to learn how to bring speed and database visibility into your developer experience and how to get started on Heroku today.

The Connected Enterprise at DF14

Host: Reid Carlberg, Guests: Doug Anson, Chris Goodine, and Larry Jovanovic

Enterprises everywhere are discovering the powerful capabilities behind Connected and Wearable devices.  The DevZone is featuring some of the hottest companies and solutions in this space.  Join us for a look at some of these solutions, including a look at ARM’s brand new mbed OS, their operating system for the Internet of Things.  We’ll also speak with platinum partner Etherios about some of their recent work, and talk about the future of the touchless user interface with visionary start up Thalmic Labs, maker of the Myo smart armband.

Lightning Components: Enterprise Development for Any Device

Host: Samantha Ready, Guests: Doug Chasman and Skip Sauls

In a mobile first world, your apps need to be ready for any person, anywhere, on any device. To address these portability and extensibility needs, we have introduced Lightning Components. What are Lightning Components? Why did we build it? Who is using it and what are they building with it? Join us for this demo packed Q&A episode where we answer all of these questions and learn about what is in store for Lightning in the upcoming year.

The Path to a Successful Developer Career

Host: Samantha Ready, Guests: Paul Battisson, Carolina Ruiz-Medina, and Wes Nolte

You can find Salesforce Developers all over the world with all types of past experience, technical prowess, and educational backgrounds. Are you an experienced developer new to the platform? Are you a problem solver who has never written a line of code before? Are you somewhere in between? This episode will cover many of the hands-on resources we had at DF available to you at home, the importance and value in certifications, and talk career paths with MVPs about how to elevate your career to the next level.

Admin Keynote Recap

Hosts: Gillian Madill and Mike Gerholdt, Guests: Mariel Espinal and Jared Miller

This year we had our first ever Admin Keynote! This keynote featured some super #awesomeadmin stories, exciting new features developed especially for admins, and celebrated admin superhero powers. Did you miss it? Now you can join us as we recap the fun with our admin superheroes, and share the fantastic demos from the keynote.

The Developer Keynote

Speakers: Adam Seligman, Samantha Ready, Morten Bagai, Shawna Wolverton, Dave Carroll

Not necessarily a Salesforce LIVE webisode, but it is a can’t miss developer moment at Dreamforce nonetheless. Adam Seligman kicks it off with a high energy and developer focused journey from what great things the community has been doing to where the platform is going. From there, Morten, Shawna, and I talk about new features to the platform and how you can use them.  Tune into this keynote to see live demos of awesome features you’ll be able to play with now and in the upcoming year on the platform.

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