For Winter ‘15, we’ve completely revamped the Cloud Flow Designer Workbook (PDF | HTML). As part of this top-to-bottom overhaul, we created three all-new tutorials and paired them with an engaging, story-based format. In this new workbook, you’ll see examples of how you can use the Cloud Flow Designer to automate processes in your organization—all without code!

In the new workbook, you step into the shoes of an administrator at Acme Wireless, a fast-growing wireless services company. Acme is experiencing serious growing pains and it’s up to you as a resourceful administrator to step in and save the day. In each tutorial, you’ll face a real-world problem and then learn how you can use the Cloud Flow Designer to create a solution that saves Acme Wireless time and money—and makes your life as an administrator easier.

Here are some of our favorite features of the new workbook:

In-Depth Explanations

A view of a tip in the new Cloud Flow Designer Workbook

When you build a flow, there are lots of decisions to make. Do I use a variable or an sObject variable? A Record Create element or a Fast Create? In the new workbook, “Why?” is just as important as “How?” Each tutorial now includes tips and notes to help you understand the thinking process of a Cloud Flow Designer power user.

Implementations that Show You How to Put Flows to Work

A view of a web tab implementation in the new Cloud Flow Designer Workbook

If you’ve worked with flows before, you know that building a killer flow is only half the job. In most situations, you also need to deploy it widely throughout your organization. We kept this in mind when we redesigned the workbook, and now each tutorial shows you a different way to implement a flow.

A New, Efficient Way to Navigate

A view of the nav table in the new Cloud Flow Designer Workbook

Tired of flipping through documentation page-by-page to find what you want? In the new workbook, there’s a handy table to help you quickly and easily locate the content that interests you.

One last thing: if you’re attending Dreamforce, please be sure to visit us at the Developer Library in the Dev Zone. The Salesforce Doc Team will be there in-person handing out printed copies of our most popular guides, cheat sheets, and workbooks, including the new Cloud Flow Designer Workbook. We hope to see you there!

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