Note: This blog post is meant for revenue-sharing ISV/OEM partners looking for co-marketing opportunities. Part of the AppExchange Marketing Program (AMP), the Awesome People Party offers a chance to connect with Salesforce MVPs, User Group Leaders, and top customers. For more information, please email

You’ve built an awesome app. Now the question is, how do you get your app in front of the right Salesforce influencers to spread the word? If one of your goals in 2015 is to connect with Salesforce MVPs, User Group Leaders and top customers, we invite you to co-host the Awesome People Party on Tour!

We will be hosting an exclusive learning and networking event the day before our Salesforce World Tour event in select cities. Here are 3 reasons you should consider co-hosting the Awesome People Party with us:

  1. You will have the opportunity to showcase your coolest use case or most exciting product developments to a live audience of 100+ people in a 3-minute speed demo.

  2. You can build a one-on-one relationship with one of our hyper-connected influencers. Prior to the event(s), you will be connected with a demo coach, an MVP or User Group Leader who will help you craft and practice your demo story.

  3. We will be recording the great content from these events and promoting them through our social channels, so you will enjoy ongoing online exposure.

See below for the full list of cities you can join us in. Please note that these A.P.P. on Tour dates reflect the days prior to the Salesforce World Tour events.


Check out the complete video from our inaugural A.P.P.:

City A.P.P. on Tour Date SWT Date
Chicago 4/22/15 4/23/15
Toronto 5/13/15 5/14/15
London 5/20/15 5/21/15
Washington DC 5/27/15 5/28/15
New York 6/17/15 6/18/15

“I had a blast and would welcome the opportunity to do it again!”
– Josh Hoskins, Salesforce MVP and MC at Dreamforce ‘14 Awesome People Party

The audience was enthralled by the AppExchange Demo Jam at the Dreamforce ‘14 Awesome People Party. Guest speaker Jeremiah Owyang live tweeted this image:


For more information on how to co-host the Awesome People Party on Tour, email or visit

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