Recently, joined the Salesforce Partner Program, opening new opportunities for existing partners to engage. But what exactly does that mean? To get some answers and insights on this new partnership, I had the opportunity to speak with Kevin Evans, Director of Strategy & Business Development at  Kevin is responsible for working with partners of all kinds – from product integrations to consulting to ISV partners who want to extend Desk functionality. As continues to grow, I wanted to get a sense from Kevin what makes so unique and what are the advantages of becoming a Preferred Partner.

In your opinion, what makes distinctive in the current service & support marketplace?
Fast-growing companies face unique support challenges. They have customers falling through the cracks, their agents are drowning in customer inquiries, and their support can’t scale with their business growth. They need a tool that can help them overcome these unique challenges to provide amazing support from the start.


Kevin Evans, Director of Strategy & Business Development at is the perfect tool to support fast-growing companies. Desk is the only support tool for companies who need a 360-degree view of their customers through a bi-directional Salesforce sync. This means all of your data is contained on the standard Account, Contact, and Case objects within Salesforce. or Service Cloud? How should customers decide?
It depends on where you are with your company. When just starting out, may be the better solution. As you grow, you may have a need for more support, and that is where Service Cloud would be more beneficial. Here is a handy guide that can help customers see the differences and benefits of each in order to make the best decision.

What is the opportunity for partners with
Desk Preferred Partners can refer leads for by using the same process that they use for Salesforce leads today. They will receive ACV credit and a referral fee (if applicable) for Desk leads in accordance with the Salesforce Partner Policies guidelines. The one notable exception is that Desk will pay referral fees for leads that close in AMER.

Later in FY16, we will be offering partners administrator level certification programs for as well, much like those that partners take to become Salesforce Certified in other products.

How can partners engage with
Any Salesforce partner is eligible to become a Preferred Partner. As a Preferred Partner, you will have access to training and enablement materials to share with your customers, be able to submit leads for, and be first on the list to be eligible for certification later this year.

To become a Preferred Partner, simply go to the Resources tab at Review the materials, take the short quiz, and request to join

I heard something about 5 free licenses for partners, how does that work?
It’s true. Salesforce Partners may be eligible for up to 5 free seats on our Standard plan. Go to this link for more details:

What about a demo of Is there something I can show prospects?
Definitely! A demo is available on the Resources tab of the Partner Community page.  You can also find a first call deck and other sales resources.

How can we collaborate with you on the Partner Community?
The Salesforce Partner Community can best collaborate with by engaging their clients, especially their SMB clients, in a discussion about the importance of customer service and how Desk can help them with those needs.

Many of our ISV/OEM partners have worked with Leyla Seka on AppExchange, what is her new role at
Leyla moved from her role of leading the AppExchange to become the GM of She is responsible for all things Desk! Holla!

The Team

For more information, check out the links below: Customer Site – Partner Page – vs. Service Cloud (Comparison Guide) – – 5 Free Licenses for Partners –

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