In the Summer of 2014, Salesforce Labs kicked off a really exciting challenge for our employees, build an amazing app within the Salesforce1 Mobile App to share on the AppExchange, for free, for our customers, users, and developers. The goal of this contest was to create even more ways to use Salesforce on your mobile device, and to add new and relevant apps to our Labs listings. We had talented developers, administrators, engineers, and business users from across salesforce departments and geographies participate and build projects.


The grand prize went to Jonathan Rico and Luis Campos-Guajardo from our headquarters in San Francisco for building Almond, a native learning management app for Salesforce1. You can see Almond in action below. Almond didn’t just win the contest grand prize, this app has been so useful for customers that there is already a Success Community Chatter group with 70 members who are using Almond!


Do you use Salesforce1 mobile, but wish you could set up your own notification rules and logic? Do you really wish you could do this by user? NotifyMe allows you to build your own notification settings in salesforce, determine the criteria and notification actions for any object, and allows individual business users to manage their own settings.  Whether you are a power mobile user, or working on increasing enduser mobile adoption – this S1 App is a must-try for everyone. Built by the talented John Brock from our San Francisco office.

 Salesforce1 Ignition Pack 

If you follow our fearless leader, Marc Benioff on twitter – you have likely seen this app before. If you follow any salesforce leaders on twitter, then you have likely seen this developer before! Consumate creator, John Brunswick, has built a complete suite of Salesforce1 mobile applications to make your sales organization run smarter, faster, and definitely cooler.   Salesforce1 Ignition Pack  is a must for any organization with field sales users.

Don’t stop there! We have an entire new suite of Salesforce1 Apps were created by salesforce employees across the world and have implications and value across all sorts of business needs and departments. Check them out here and stay tuned for more Salesforce Labs updates!

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