Today Apple announced the availability of the Apple Watch, the latest in the rise of wearable devices. The time has never been better to start building wearable apps for the enterprise. Last year we launched Salesforce Wear to kick start enterprise development, and in support of the Apple Watch launch we have added our latest dev pack: the Salesforce Wear Dev Pack for Apple Watch.

The Salesforce Wear Dev Pack for Apple Watch includes a starter app designed to jump start your watch app development. The app, includes a basic iPhone app implementation that uses the Salesforce Mobile SDK for iOS, and a WatchKit extension that provides examples of common patterns developers are likely to need when building Apple Watch apps, including:

  • Messaging between the watch controllers and the iPhone app, including handling delegate responses from the Salesforce Mobile SDK
  • Storyboards for working with glances and controllers, and data results from
  • New force touch gestures
  • Working with Swift and the Salesforce Mobile SDK, Apple’s amazing new programming language.

Want to get started building Apple Watch apps for salesforce? Check out the guide, and code here, and join our upcoming webinar on building Apple Watch apps for Salesforce.

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