A-paw-logies, Trailblazer!

Un-fur-tunately, the Catter Trailhead module is no longer available! We hope you enjoy reading this blog post as much as we did writing it. Be fur to head to Trailhead to see get your mittens on the all latest paw-some content!

When we launched Chatter, we knew it would revolutionize the way people did business. But we had no idea just how far our idea would go, breaking boundaries and opening up new lines of communication we never thought humanly possible.

Introducing Catter

That’s why we are proud to introduce Catter, cat collaboration for today’s modern feline. Cats have always been early adopters of technology and the internet, and now Catter opens the kitty door to the enterprise. Through our patented meow-recognition technology, cats can post, share, collaborate, and connect with other felines across the globe. The more your cat meows, the more your cat connects.

understand your cats' needs

Run your Business from your Paw

Catter is designed mobile-first, so whether your cat is chasing birds up a tree or shredding your new curtains to pieces, Catter is there. Even if your cat is trapped inside a drawer (again), as long as there’s Wi-Fi, there’s Catter. Which is a good thing, because your cat will probably need to mention you on Catter so you can let her out.

Meow, when it comes to collaboration, cats are generally known for their independence, but that doesn’t mean they don’t like to connect. That’s why we built clowders (Google it), so that cats can discover other cats with similar interests and share updates within the greater catmunity. And through enabling Catter invitations for alleycats, you can unite indoor and outdoor kitty worlds, breaking down barriers between housecats and alleycats.

Cats can purr at posts they like, and hiss at posts they don’t (which, let’s face it, is pretty much 80% of what gets posted). Cats can use #Scratchtags and Cattergories to relate posts to common topics, and can endorse Alpha Cats as knowledgeable about those topics.

Earn your Stripes

Can’t wait to get your paws on Catter? Get your Catter badge on Trailhead, where you’ll learn all about Catter and get paws-on practice. Test your knowledge while earning your cat’s respect and admiration.

Connected Cats

Then take your cat collaboration to the next level with connected collars, the ultimate in feline wearable technology. Meow your cat can connect to other cats and humans in a whole new way.
Internet of Bling
Some have asked, “Why Catter? Why meow?” The answer is simple: Our community has demanded it.

Our community <3 cats!

The time for Catter is right meow. Cat collaboration has finally arrived.

Get started with your Catter Badge on Trailhead today. It’s the purrfect way to connect with your cat.

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