Salesforce World Tour There are so many opportunities to learn about the Salesforce1 Platform, share your experiences and have fun at this years Salesforce London World Tour.

Its our biggest event yet for London and the first time we are running an Admin Zone alongside the Developer Zone.  With thousands of people expected to join us, its going to be huge.  As there is so much going on, this is a quick guide to what you can expect.

  • Demo stations in the Admin & Developer Zones to show you what kind of apps can be built with the platform.
  • Developer Library – our printed books, workbooks & cheat-sheets for you to own for free.  Come early to avoid disappointment
  • Hands on experience with Quickstarts – a range of tutorials so you can experience building apps on the platform yourself, with experts at hand to guide you.
  • Code consultations – If you are already building apps on Salesforce but have questions, then try a code consultation and get some 1-on-1 advice.
  • Admin theatre – a full day of talks aimed at making admins even more awesome
  • Developer theatre – a combination of talks to introduce development on the platform and deeper dives into how to work with some of the key features.

Salesforce London World Tour Admin and Dev Zones

Here is a summary of what you can experience in the Admin & Developer theatres (full schedules at the end).  Dont forget to register for free for the Saleforce London World Tour

Building Apps using

Discover how easy it is to build your own custom apps on the Salesforce Platform.  Anyone can learn how to create Apps and we have talks to show you how.  You can also learn tips & tricks from the experts in the Salesforce community

  •  08.45 – Build your first App on the Salesforce Platform (Admin Theatre)
  •  08.45 – Overview of developing on the platform (Dev Theatre)
  •  09.15 – 25 features that make admins awesome (Admin Theatre)
  •  09.15 – Development tips & Tricks (Dev Theatre)
  •  16:30 – Intro to Visualforce and JS Frameworks (Dev Theatre)
  •  17:00 – Coding practices to make your Awesome Admins happy(Dev Theatre)
  •  17:30 – Introducing “Fabrics”: a Way to Build Survivable, Modern Architectures

Get up to Speed with Salesforce Lightning

The Lightning suite of tools and components are quite new, so get a head start and discover how you can create more functionality in less time and with less reliance on custom code.

As well as an overview of building Lightning components, there will also be live demo’s of

  • Lightining App Builder drag-n-drop Lightning components to create Apps and use them instantly in the Salesforce1 mobile App.
  • Lightning Process Builder – to help you visually create workflows without code
  • Lightning Connect – easily access a world of data outside of Salesforce

The following are talks related to Salesforce Lightning

  • 12:00 – Build Apps Visually with Lightning App Builder (Dev Theatre)
  • 12.30 – Intro to Lightning for Admins (Admin Theatre)
  • 12:30 – Introducing Lightning Components (Dev Theatre)
  • 13.00 – Access External Data in Real-time with Lightning Connect
  • 13:30 – Introduction to JavaScript Testing (Dev Theatre)
  • 15.30 – Supercharging Process Builder Users with Apex (Dev Theatre)
  • 16:00 – Create Lightning with Lightning & IoT (Dev Theatre)

Develop & Scale your Customer Facing Apps with Heroku

Heroku allow developers to deploy their code with a simple command using the tools they already know.  You can also easily integrate your customer facing apps with Salesforce using Heroku Connect

  • 14:00 – Heroku Overview: Build Customer Facing Apps (Dev Theatre)
  • 14:30 – Heroku Connect: Build Customer Facing Apps Connected to your Business (Dev Theatre)

Discovery & fun in the Salesforce Admin Zone

Salesforce London World Tour Admin Zone Demo Booths This is the first time for the AdminZone in London, thanks to the support of the local admin community.  Join in and become an #AwesomeAdmin

Join in the Salesforce Trivia (12 noon & 5pm) and discover how much you know about Salesforce and have a chance to win some great swag.  Or bring your questions and Ask your local MVP at 4.30pm, see what answers they can give you and who knows more

There are a full range of talks in the Admin Theatre (see below), starting with a simple guide to building your first app on Salesforce, followed by a range of tips, tricks and tools you can use with any Apps you work with.

There are 4 demo booths staffed with the local community where you can come and ask questions on topics such as Setup, Process Automation, Reports & Dashboards and how to Supercharge Salesforce.

Admin & Developer Zone Theatre Schedule


AdminZone Theatre

  DevZone Theatre


Building Your First App on Salesforce Overview


Fantastic Features All Admins Should Know Best Practices – Clicks & Code


Closed for Keynote

  Closed for Keynote


Salesforce Trivia!

  Build Apps Visually with Lightning App Builder


Intro to Lightning for Admins

  Introducing Lightning Components


Getting Started with Duplicate Management

  Access External Data in Real-time with Lightning Connect


Get Admin Super Powers with Process Builder & Flow

  Introduction to JavaScript Testing


Top Apps for Free on the App Exchange

  Heroku Overview: Build Customer Facing Apps


A Year of Sharing with the Admin Community

  Heroku Connect: Customer Facing Apps Connected to your Business


Blaze Your Own Trail with Trailhead

  Introduction To Apex & Best Practices


Increasing User Adoption using Lightning Process Builder

  Supercharging Process Builder Users with Apex


Protect Sensitive Data with Salesforce Platform Encryption

  Create Lightning with Lightning & IoT


Ask your local MVP & Evangelist

  Building Apps with Visualforce & JavaScript


Salesforce Trivia!

  Coding practices to make your Awesome Admins happy


  Introducing “Fabrics”: building Survivable, Modern Architectures

Look forward to meeting you all.

Thank you

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