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Summer is here and while school is out for many, it’s the perfect time to start learning Salesforce! If you haven’t yet begun blazing your learning trail with Trailhead, then we encourage you to check out the Summer of Trailhead that many of the Salesforce User & Developer Groups are taking part in. At these meetings you’ll get an introduction to the Trailhead learning platform, hands-on experience while you earn badges with your community, and of course, awesome swag!

What is Trailhead?

Trailhead is a fun, guided, and interactive tool to learn Salesforce fast. Best yet, it’s free! You can follow guided learning paths for admins or developers, or choose your own adventure with self-paced modules. You’ll learn both the basics and best practices of building cloud apps through hands-on challenges. And in case you need more motivation, you can celebrate your progress by earning points and badges along the way.

Who can attend?

These events are completely free to attend and are open to users and developers of all experience levels. Trailhead offers something for everyone, and there’s no better way to learn than with your community! Check out the following list of participating groups to find one near you. Not seeing a group nearby? Let us know if you’d like start one. We’ll get you set up with the tools needed to make it a success!

Is there an event near me?

Group      Meeting Date
Philadelphia Developer Group      June 23
London Developer Group  June 24
Slovakia Developer Group  June 24
Stockholm Developer Group  June 24
Portland Developer Group  June 25
Southern Indiana User Group  June 25
Washington DC Nonprofit User Group  June 25
Tucson User Group  June 26
RTP Non Profit User Group & Girly Geeks  June 26      
Brisbane User Group  June 26
North Spain Developer Group  June 26
Singapore User Group  June 26
Kerala User Group  June 27
Roanoke User Group  June 29
Rochester User Group  June 30
Detroit Developer Group  June 30
Maine User Group  June 30
Denver Developer Group  July 1
Inland Empire Developer Group  July 1
Kansas City Developer Group  July 1
Uruguay Developer Group  July 2
North UK Developer Group  July 2
Zaragoza Developer Group  July 4
Bangalore Developer Group  July 4
Kerala Developer Group  July 4
North Bay Developer Group  July 7
Jaipur Student Developer Group  July 7
CLT Girly Geeks  July 7
Nebraska Developer Group  July 8
Suisse Romande Developer Group  July 8
St. Louis Developer Group  July 8
Birmingham UK Developer Group  July 9
Austin Nonprofit User Group  July 10
Oklahoma City Developer Group  July 10
Fresno User Group  July 10
Dominican Republic Developer Group  July 11
Charlotte User Group  July 13
Belgium Developer Group  July 13
Sri Lanka Developer Group  July 13
Utah County User Group  July 14
Salt Lake City Girly Geeks  July 14
Boston Developer Group  July 14
Boston Nonprofit User Group*  July 15
Philadelphia Nonprofit Users Group*  July 15
New Jersey User Group  July 15
Belo Horizonte Developer Group  July 15
Silicon Valley User & Developer Group  July 16
Nashville Developer Group  July 16
Phoenix User, Developer & Girly Geeks Group  July 16
East Bay User Group  July 16
Sydney Developer Group  July 16
San Antonio User Group  July 16
Vancouver User & Nonprofit User Group  July 16
Baltimore Developer Group  July 16
Belgium User Group  July 17
Oklahoma City User Group  July 17
Gurgaon Developer Group  July 18
Raleigh Developer Group  July 18
Pune Student Developer Group, Developer Group, & User Group  July 18
Austin User Group  July 21
Boston Girly Geeks  July 21
Birmingham User Group  July 21
Atlanta Girly Geeks  July 21
Springfield User Group*  July 21
Boston User Group  July 30
Indianapolis User Group  July 22
Utah Developer Group  July 22
Columbus Girly Geeks & User Group*  July 22
Dallas Developer Group  July 22
Israel Developer Group  July 22
Paris Developer Group  July 23
St. Louis Girly Geeks  July 23
Los Angeles Developer Group  July 23
Wisconsin User & Developer Group  July 23
Chicago Girly Geeks  July 23
Houston User Group  July 23
Lehigh Valley Developer Group  July 23
Portland Girly Geeks  July 23
Granada Developer Group  July 23
Minnesota Developer Group  July 24
Cincinnati User Group  July 24
South Africa Nonprofit User Group  July 24
Tampa User Group  July 24
Hospitality Travel & Tourism User Group  August 21
India Students Developer Group  August 1
Hyderabad Developer & Student Developer Group  July 25
Jaipur Developer Group  July 25
Calgary User Group  July 27
Rio de Janeiro Developer Group  July 28
Netherlands Developer Group  July 29
Denver User Group  July 29
Denver Girly Geeks  July 29
Chicago Developer Group  July 29
London Admin User Group  July 30
Newfoundland User Group  July 30
Chicago User Group  July 30
Southeast Florida User Group  July 30
NYC Nonprofit User Group  July 30
Traverse City Nonprofit User Group  July 31
Navi-Mumbai Developer Group  July 31
Memphis User Group  July 31
San Diego User Group  July 31
Barcelona Developer Group  July 31
Warsaw Developer Group  August 5
Marin County User Group  August 6
Twin Cities Nonprofit User Group  August 12
Albuquerque User Group  August 12
Twin Cities User Group  August 14
Seattle Nonprofit User Group*  August 17
Des Moines User Group  August 20
NE Pennsylvania User Group  August 21
Melbourne Developer Group   August 25
Sioux Falls User Group  August 25
Eastern Iowa User Group  August 28
Kolkata Developer Group  August 29

* Registration URL coming soon

Hope to see you at a local developer or user group this summer!

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