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When planning or maintaining a Salesforce organization, it’s important to have a disaster recovery plan in mind. Having a robust, secure and efficient backup and restore plan is an important piece in ensuring that you can easily recover from an unforeseen data integrity problem.

In Part 1 of a series on backup and restore, Sovan Bin talked about why having a disaster recovery plan is still important when using Salesforce. The article discussed core backup concepts, and how to deal with some of the technical challenges, like backup performance.

In Part 2 Sovan looks into the issues around restoring your backup. What are the different types of restore processes? What steps must you include in your restore plan if you’re restoring a single record, a partial set of records, or a full org? Also, there are many additional benefits to having a backup & restore process that aren’t directly related to disaster recovery. This article discusses some of those additional benefits, such as using backup/restore in your release management process, and demonstrates ways to increase your overall return on investment that you might not have even considered.

Salesforce Backup and Restore Essentials Part 2: Restore Strategies and Processes

About the Author

Sovan Bin is a Salesforce Certified Technical Architect and the CEO and Founder of odaseva.com, an Appexchange enterprise software provider based in both San Francisco and Paris, addressing the challenges of Salesforce data recovery (backup & restore) and release management (metadata comparison, sandbox initialization & data quality). He has been providing innovative solutions regarding Salesforce platform governance, security and performance since 2006.

This post was published in conjunction with the Technical Enablement team of the Salesforce Customer-Centric Engineering group. The team’s mission is to help customers understand how to implement technically sound Salesforce solutions. Check out all of the resources that this team maintains on the Architect Core Resources page of Salesforce Developers.

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