It’s time to welcome another new class of Developer MVPs! These individuals represent outstanding contributors to the Salesforce Developer community, and we are thrilled to have them joining the program. Please congratulate the following:

Headshot of Boris Bachovski You likely know Boris Bachovski from his community work on the Salesforce StackExchange, where he is one of the top users. He also co-leads the Melbourne Developer Group with MVP Matt Lacey. He’s interested in IoT and web security, and has done some really cool work with Salesforce1 and arduino. (We’re jealous of the garage!)
Headshot of Daniel Ballinger Daniel Ballinger has been working with Salesforce since 2007 and contributed a great deal to the Salesforce Developer community. One of his most popular contributions has been a custom WSDL2Apex implementation to extend support for SOAP based web services. He’s spoken at his local New Zealand developer & user groups as well at Dreamforce. Outside of coding he enjoys canoe polo and sea/river kayaking. He’s also gathering components to get started in FPV quadcopter racing!
Headshot of Kieren Jameson Kieren Jameson has been a front- and back-end web developer, database administrator, trainer and project manager since 1995. She started working as a Salesforce admin in 2012, when she implemented the Sales Cloud for ETR. Since then she has also implemented other Salesforce products, including Pardot and a Certified Developer she is passionate about Salesforce development and helping women and other developer minorities learn to code. In 2014 she started learning to code on and started a blog to chart her progress and help teach others to code ( four other women, she founded RAD Women, a virtual learning environment to create community for women coders and help Salesforce admins learn to code on says she is involved in the developer community because she wants to give back the community support she has experienced. She wants to help people connect with others who can make their work easier and more fun. As she says, “Our community is a blast!”
Headshot of Moyez Thanawalla Moyez Thanawalla founded and still leads the Dallas Developer Group. Through his work with the group, membership has reached 600+ developers and over 500 hours have been donated each year to local non-profits seeking assistance with Salesforce development. In addition, classes are run every month to get developers ready for the Developer & Advanced Developer Certification exams. His work with the group has led to greater Salesforce visibility and outreach thoughout Dallas.Moyez lives in Dallas with his “beautiful wife Pam, brilliant (and beautiful) daughter Sarah, and geriatric dog Shasta.” For fun he enjoys sailing and watching Formula 1 Racing – of which he has high opinions about which team should win!
Headshot of Vivek Chawla Vivek Chawla has been designing and building complex internet applications for 18 years.  He spent the first half of his career as a Microsoft engineering specialist, but fell in love with Platform as a Service when Google App Engine was launched.  In 2009, he heard that Salesforce had this thing called “”, so he spun up a Developer Edition org to see what all the fuss was about.  He was immediately hooked, and started the process of changing his professional focus to the Salesforce Platform.One of the things he loves most about Salesforce is its community.  “Over the years, I’ve benefitted greatly from User Groups, blogs, and (of course) DeveloperForce.  In an effort to give back, I started the San Diego Salesforce Developer Group.  My time “in the trenches” of full-blown custom app development gives me a great perspective on the value of developing on the Salesforce1 Platform.  The Developer Group gives me an opportunity to share my passion for the platform with local developers, and there is nothing better than seeing new developers turn into Salesforce veterans!”Outside of Salesforce, he’s married to an award winning High School Spanish teacher, has a daughter starting college this fall, and two big outdoor dogs.

Additionally, all Salesforce MVPs serve for one-year terms, at which point they are up for re-nomination and review. I’m very pleased to welcome back the following to the program:

Please join us in wishing our new MVP class the best on Twitter or in the comments below.

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