Trailhead Base Camp is where you’ll want to start your DevZone journey this year. Most of the hands-on content at Dreamforce will be delivered in Trailhead, and Base Camp is where we’ll make sure you’re equipped and ready to go. You can short-cut the line by making sure you’ve got a Developer Edition organization that is connected to Trailhead (click the Login link on the Trailhead homepage).

The Trailhead Base Camp area will debut several brand-new Quick Starts, with instructor-led sessions every 30 minutes. We’ll cycle through each Quick Start every day to make sure you get hands-on with the things that interest you. If you want to trailblaze on your own, there will be plenty of computers for you to do Quick Starts or other Trailhead tutorials at your own pace.

Start your journey at Trailhead Base Camp and let the adventures begin!

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