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In Winter ‘16 we’ve completely redesigned the Salesforce login experience, greatly improving the usability and making it more intuitive for users. For details, see the Winter ‘16 release notes.

What Is Changed?

  • The main login page has a new look and feel
  • Saved usernames are more integrated with login
  • Setting a password that conforms to your company’s policy is easier with improved Forgot password, change password, and reset password screens
  • Important security processes such as OAuth access, single sign-on, register your device, Two-factor authentication, and Identity verification have new look and feel as well as optimized processes
  • Email messages that are associated with different login tasks, such as change password notifications, have been simplified
  • Error pages have been updated for clarity and consistency
  • All Custom domain (My Domain) and external community login and single sign-on receive these updates as well as customer control over branding

When Do I Get It?

Rolling out a change to all customers takes time and the release of new login pages will be done in phases.


  • All Sandbox instances, regardless of their release schedule, will see the new main login page on September 13, 2015.
  • All other new pages will be released to sandboxes on their normal release schedules


  • Customers using My Domain will receive all new pages their normal production release date.
  • On October 18th, all other customers will be updated to the new login pages. You may see both the old and new look and feel for a short time prior to October 18th; this is normal.

How Do I Check When My Instance Gets the New Login Look and Feel?

To check the Winter ‘16 Major release maintenance date for your instance go to the  

Salesforce Trust Maintenance Calendar. In the upper-right corner, click List.

Which Instance Is My Domain On?

  1. Go to Salesforce Trust – System Status.
  2. At the top left corner, click ‘?’.  
  3. Enter your domain and click Find. For example, if your custom domain is https://identity.my.salesforce.com, enter “identity”.


To check when your salesforce organization gets the new look and feel, first verify what is your instance, is my domain or community enabled for your org, and whether it’s a sandbox or production environment.  Then check the maintenance calendar and follow the guidance mentioned above

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