Leanne Templeman and Pat Patterson gave some great Top Tips in the 10 Essential Dreamforce ’15 Tips for Admins & Developers webinar Sept 1st. But, wait, there’s more! Here are some late-breaking sessions and some other geeky goodness that I think you will dig.


If you only looked at Agenda Builder the day it went live, you missed these. Go back and add them!

Lightning Experience

Did you get #StruckByLighting on August 25th when we launched the Lightning Experience at over 100 viewing parties? Check out these sessions to dig deeper into the new Salesforce UI.

All the Way from Europe

John Stevenson wants to make sure you know these folks have come a long way to share their expertise, so check out their sessions!

More Geeky Goodness

So many great sessions in the lineup, here’s a few more not to miss!

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