Can’t make it to the DevZone this year?  We’ve still got you covered!

During Dreamforce we will post a few blogs that take you on a tour of the DevZone and introduce you to some of the exciting elements and makers in the space.
We will also issue a Trailhead Challenge, so keep scrolling for today’s badge! Complete the challenge and earn the badge before midnight PST that day and you will be entered in a drawing for awesome prizes.

Without further adieu, Welcome to the Developer Zone!

Let’s get you started on your DevZone Journey!

Join us in the IT Ranger Station for the CIO Demo and Architect my App

See Cutting Edge Mobile Development in the App Cloud and more at the Mobile Theater

Today’s challenge is CRM Basics. Click the link, learn about CRM then go through the hands-on practice at the end of the unit to reinforce what you just learned. Earn your badge by midnight PST and be entered to win awesome prizes like an iWatch, Cloudbit Starter Kit or this Astro Collectible!

Check back for more tomorrow!

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